Translation of acreage in Spanish:


superficie en acres, n.

Pronunciation /ˈeɪk(ə)rɪdʒ/


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    superficie en acres feminine
    the acreage under barley los acres sembrados / el área sembrada de cebada
    • Tennessee had the largest total acreage of farm land and crop land, and North Carolina had the least.
    • The cooperative has grown and thrives despite diminishing farm acreage across the country.
    • Pembrokeshire's arable acreage had increased on the back of buoyant prices last summer.
    • In a nation where a wealthy handful own half the farm acreage, land reform has been a major fuse for national turmoil.
    • When our planted acreage had increased to about 7 acres we began looking for our own farm.
    • In a brief time, large agricultural acreage can be subdivided into tracts of suburban housing.
    • Eastern thornless blackberries have increased in price and acreage in Ohio in recent years.
    • Further, the co-op would increase acreage and invest in plants for the long term.
    • Develop a simple field map with acreage, crop, and any irrigation restrictions.
    • She wishes to have certainty as to the price to be paid and does not wish the price to be geared to a measurement of acreage.
    • The payments are guaranteed provided they rent land of the same acreage and ensure its upkeep.
    • This might include some form of direct subsidy, tied to acreage or land quality.
    • To stay competitive growers must introduce new hybrids to their acreage on a regular basis.
    • It paid farmers to take acreage out of cultivation and to reduce livestock herds.
    • Our mentor in organic farming has a large small grain acreage, with some of the fields having small rocks.
    • Ninety-two percent of this acreage is now in the twelve western states, except Hawaii.
    • Because the ground is so dry, he can sow only half of his acreage each year.
    • The numerous options may include a flat fee and/or a fee based on participating acreage.
    • Using insecticides to kill these bugs is about the only solution for any sizable acreage.
    • Now when a grower calls in an order, the data disk shows exact field locations and acreage.