Translation of acrimony in Spanish:


acritud, n.

Pronunciation /ˈækrəˌmoʊni/ /ˈakrɪməni/


  • 1

    acritud feminine
    acrimonia feminine
    • But what should have been one of the publishing events of this year has now descended into astonishing depths of bitterness and acrimony.
    • Long-term damage can be caused to children exposed to acrimony and bitterness in family breakdown.
    • It's only recently and as a result of all the bitter acrimony that he realised that they can't sort it out.
    • The band split up earlier this year amid bitterness and acrimony.
    • The whole area was poisoned by anger and acrimony.
    • The whole partnership then dissolved into acrimony and mistrust and legal wrangling.
    • There was no acrimony, and no ill-will towards the national organisation.
    • The relationship has dissolved in acrimony as accusations are levelled by both sides.
    • And then inevitably something would go wrong, and it would end in acrimony and sometimes in lawsuits.
    • It was a match dripping in acrimony, disappointment and what might have been.
    • For this relationship is, in practice, fraught with mutual antagonism and conducted through mutual acrimony.
    • Isn't it unsurprising how settling a lawsuit does nothing to settle the underlying acrimony that motivated it?
    • Large disparities in the contributions member nations were expected to make to the EU budget caused no small amount of acrimony.
    • Whatever the outcome of this particular dispute, though, these homes have to be built somewhere and the less acrimony with which it can be done the better.
    • I really believe that it is better for couples to separate as amicably as possible and give their children a chance to grow up without daily misery and acrimony.
    • Money can't buy you love, sang the Beatles but what's clear is it can certainly create a lot of acrimony where love once existed.
    • The resulting acrimony helped ensure that it would take a while to forge working alliances on the new council.
    • In the past, especially during election time, the issue of money has raised unnecessary tension and acrimony.
    • Despite some brief acrimony, a year later nothing much had changed.
    • And yet we've had so much acrimony over the past few years that the public has risen up against it.