Translation of acrobatic in Spanish:


acrobático, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌækrəˈbædɪk/ /akrəˈbatɪk/

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    • They swoop over the crowd on wires and perform acrobatic feats on trapezes.
    • Today the girls perform on a new springy podium permitting spectacular acrobatic elements.
    • Decked out in their colorful house uniforms the girls performed acrobatic routines.
    • He was a strong and skilled dancer, able to perform many of the acrobatic movements usually only seen on television.
    • The show, at Shanghai Circus World, is made up of performing animals and acrobatic displays.
    • The big top is back in the Temple City to mesmerise kids and elders alike with acrobatic performances.
    • That leaves little room for anyone else to use them unless they have the nimble acrobatic skills of an Olympic gymnast.
    • Their acrobatic movements, their pliant little bodies, could perform gyrations beyond adults.
    • The performers displayed their physical prowess in the most acrobatic style.
    • She is the only girl in the acrobatic troupe, and at 17 the youngest of the performers.
    • He even started adding a few acrobatic moves that he had seen on TV.
    • And the downtown Acro Club teaches such acrobatic postures while mixing in the calming moves of yoga.
    • The season also includes a quirky musical about menopause and an acrobatic physical theatre show from the West Coast.
    • In various capsules of the attraction they juggled, clowned and showed off their acrobatic skills to the delight of other passengers.
    • Each scene is filled to the brim with artists showcasing their physical skills, from knife fights to acrobatic acts.
    • The palace women played all roles, from angels to acrobatic monkeys.
    • Bell is a stuntwoman who makes her living standing in for the star when the script calls for something acrobatic or dangerous.
    • After 14 minutes, he produced an acrobatic save to deny Marvin Walker.
    • The clowns, besides trying their best to amuse the children, demonstrate their acrobatic skills.
    • Actually, I really want to do acrobatic training but I can't find anywhere that offers it.