Translation of acrobatics in Spanish:


acrobacia, n.

Pronunciation /ˌækrəˈbædɪks/ /akrəˈbatɪks/

plural noun

  • 1

    acrobacia feminine
    to learn acrobatics aprender acrobacia / acrobatismo
    • they did some spectacular acrobatics hicieron unas acrobacias espectaculares
    • Instead of sitting in lessons the whole school has been playing a host of games including football, rugby, acrobatics and kung fu.
    • At intervals throughout the show are astounding displays of gymnastics and acrobatics by talented women artistes.
    • It will be the kind of aerial skills, acrobatics, juggling and mask work most of us don't see outside of the Edinburgh Festival.
    • Today's cheerleading is a unique mix of gymnastics, strength, acrobatics and dance.
    • The twins specialised in sports acrobatics, which differs from gymnastics in that there are no props used.
    • These days, Bianka concentrates on artistic gymnastics and acrobatics choreography.
    • Fleet entertained him while he ate with stories of aerial acrobatics and daring airship battles.
    • My stomach did an amazing feat of acrobatics and my knees buckled under me.
    • The usual acrobatics, tricks and skill demonstrations are there.
    • The SkyHawks are known for their daring displays of aerial acrobatics.
    • On Easter Monday, also at the hall, they will be teaching circus skills from juggling to acrobatics.
    • The game takes place on a 5 meter cushioned area suitable for martial arts and acrobatics training.
    • For the super-keen there will even be the chance of extra training to master aerial acrobatics.
    • Early in the morning he rose and began his daily exercises, acrobatics, and swordplay.
    • To further bring joy to the occasion, some guests show off their skills at juggling and acrobatics.
    • The ropes are stretched tight around the corner posts, to allow for acrobatics from the actual ropes.
    • Instead of sitting in lessons the fitness fanatics spent the week dancing, playing golf, doing kung fu, enjoying acrobatics and much more.
    • Students majoring in martial arts roles go through a strict training, involving acrobatics and eurythmics.
    • Capoeira, for those not in the know, is a Brazilian martial art form that blends acrobatics and dance with pounding African rhythms.
    • So, to cut a long story short, we spent most of the day in that Sport Hall, most of it spent petrifying me by making me do all sorts of crazy acrobatics.