Translation of action-packed in Spanish:


lleno de acción, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈækʃ(ə)nˌpækt/ /ˈakʃ(ə)npakt/


  • 1

    (movie/story) lleno de acción
    the weekend was pretty action-packed el fin de semana fue bastante movido / agitado
    • The lives of fictional private detectives tend to be action-packed, dangerous and full of incident.
    • The Leisure Centre will be running action-packed fun and activity camps again this summer.
    • But never fear, there is still an action-packed programme of entertainment planned for the High Street on Sunday.
    • The action-packed programme offers walks for everyone from disabled people and children to experienced hikers and poet.
    • Poultry show, bees and honey and an action-packed main arena programme.
    • This action-packed cop thriller rattles along at a cracking pace, with strong performances from all the leading players.
    • Children and grown-ups got in the party spirit and enjoyed an action-packed family fun day.
    • This action-packed thriller gives a unique look behind the scenes at the White House.
    • To round off the day's action-packed racing programme, the Lighting Rods will also be taking to the circuit.
    • Thousands of people turned out to enjoy an action-packed weekend of events throughout York and North and East Yorkshire.
    • With St Patrick's Day almost upon us, the town and community at large is gearing up for a spectacular, action-packed day.
    • And so it eventually proved - but not before a stirring fight by the Scots in an action-packed game.
    • Whichever show you choose, it's sure to be an action-packed event.
    • This is an action-packed event, running for 8 days, with lots of entertainment for all the family.
    • Now we can begin to look forward to arguing about real teams and sportsmen/women who will star in one of the most action-packed sporting years in memory.
    • His mission is to seek out wondrous treasures, discover strange new lands and to boldly go where no action-packed adventure has gone before.
    • The day has been rather pleasant, pretty much amounting to an extension, of sorts, to the action-packed weekend that has just passed.
    • From the fast-paced danger of downhill skiing to more graceful ice skating, the games are already an action-packed pageant.
    • Those magnificent mutants return for an action-packed sequel that knocks spots off the original movie and leaves you itching for more.
    • The novel reads like a homage to Leonard, with its rhythmic repartee, underworld characters and action-packed plot.