Translation of action group in Spanish:

action group

grupo de acción, n.


  • 1

    grupo de acción masculine
    • He said the long term viability of the house could be worked out with the assistance of the action group and the bodies represented in it.
    • The latest march is being organised by an action group formed by meatworkers and residents.
    • After the first flood, we had set up an action group to campaign for flood defences for Malton and Norton.
    • Angry residents have formed an action group to campaign against the closing of a health centre.
    • They have offered the site to the parent action group campaigning for a new rink.
    • That is why a joint action group was set up to work in parallel with the legislation and report early next year.
    • He also backed the actions of the action group and local council.
    • If the council doesn't act in the near future, the action group will ask the government to take up the case.
    • We should draw up a plan of action with the hospital action group.
    • It was resolved at the meeting to form a community action group to address the ongoing issues.
    • The action group are not the only body looking to meet the Minister for the Environment.
    • Can you organise an action group to get supporters to send e-mails to all Senators?
    • The action group was led by Central and Western District councillors.
    • Susan is the leader of the homelessness action group, a prevention and resettlement team for York Salvation Army.
    • The writer is a member of the environment action group Kalpavriksh.
    • Members of a new action group launched an attack on the local police authority at a public meeting on Tuesday.
    • Campaigners are calling for volunteers to start an action group for pensioners in Witham.
    • He spoke as member of an action group formed by parents which is totally opposed to the plans.
    • The environmental action group says 35 of its members breached security at the plant at Solihull in the West Midlands.
    • The action group presented the petitions at a recent council meeting.