Translation of action painting in Spanish:

action painting

pintura de acción, n.


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    pintura de acción feminine
    • Contributing to the fiery emotions the artist may have wished to convey in the canvas, this residual evidence of action painting also added a sense of urgency to the entire exhibition.
    • The circus tent was an Ur-theatre, a space combining collage, action painting, live actors, Expressionism, Surrealism.
    • In short, it is the last period in which Americans walked like gods in the old world, spreading the gospel of jazz and action painting and William Faulkner and Humphrey Bogart.
    • The live act contains unusual aspects like action painting, and is demanding, explosive and equally extreme, and the audiences reflect that.
    • On the one hand it reminds you of the idea of action painting but then it's also concentration on the material for itself.