Translation of action point in Spanish:

action point

punto de acción, n.


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    punto de acción masculine
    • While the meeting went well, it left me with an irritating action point that kept me awake last night.
    • I raised action points from the meetings in Parliament and direct with ministers and York received extra help from the Government.
    • The new scheme is one of a number of action points identified in the authority's waste management strategy - produced to complement strategies for the region and for York and North Yorkshire.
    • It needs to follow a clearly defined path for future growth based on a strategy that has firm objectives as well as specific, measurable and achievable action points.
    • The lessons to be learnt from the fire on Soska Moor in April were reviewed in a report for the fire authority discussed this week and several action points were drawn up.
    • It lists action points and classifies them into what needs to be done immediately and in the longer term.
    • Yesterday was the Chorus' Membership Committee which, while it was a long evening, actually felt fairly productive - although I did come away with a lot of action points.
    • Among the action points highlighted is the need to develop assessment and evaluation approaches in relation to students and learning.
    • The missing action points, which we publish on page 13 today, include a series of specific recommendations.
    • Although the full report has not yet been made public, today's summary contains a list of action points highlighted by Mr Shaw.
    • The cabinet has resolved the matter with KCC and recommended a number of action points to avoid such problems in the future.
    • The action points from our May meeting have - largely - disappeared into the ether.
    • In total, there were 85 action points with six to 14 points per school plan; 76 of these points were successfully achieved.
    • But one of the action points, if that's the lingo these folks use, is this one from a February 2004 message memo ‘on the Long-Term Challenges Facing Social Security.’
    • We set out a summary of these action points here.
    • Among the action points that the department outlines is support for the international AIDS vaccine initiative and the development of microbicides.
    • The result: three firm action points, seven vague ones.
    • Mr Walsh said a number of action points had been identified which would now be worked on by the relevant parties.
    • Key individuals at each bank will be accountable for each of the action points.
    • Laid out into five action points, the guidance sets out the roles and responsibilities of the board and its members in respect of health and safety risks arising from the organisation's activities.