Translation of active in Spanish:


activo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈæktɪv/ /ˈaktɪv/

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    • 1.1(energetic, busy)

      (person/life) activo
      (day/weekend) ajetreado
      (day/weekend) movido
      (day/weekend) de gran actividad
      (market/trading) Finance activo
      we had a very active holiday pasamos unas vacaciones llenas de actividad
      • Among older adults categorized as physically active, 24.7 percent engage in strength training.
      • Despite predictions of almost unbounded mobility, most people in industrialised nations are less physically active than ever before.
      • Being physically active also helps, a morning run, ride or swim really gets those feel good hormones pumping and keeps those cortisol levels down.
      • Researchers are seeking 15 women aged 18-35, who are physically active and are on the pill.
      • By 2007, according to the plan, 80% of primary schoolchildren will be physically active.
      • If staff members have to drive a car or cart from place to place, then children may wonder why they should be physically active.
      • Anyone who is physically active can tell us how important it is to eat and sleep well, as well as not pushing our bodies too far.
      • And we thought what we'd try and do is use children's interest in the Internet and in computers as a strategy to get them more physically active.
      • For example, the current guidelines include stronger recommendations about the need to be physically active.
      • Woman cannot survive on meat alone, especially a physically active gal.
      • I get quite depressed in the winter if I don't stay very physically active.
      • Those who are physically active between the ages of 20 and 60 have been shown to be at reduced risk of Alzheimer's disease.
      • For boys, the desire to be physically active can further impede their interest in reading.
      • Women were asked in an initial survey how physically active they were.
      • Accounts of his death differ, but all agree that he was physically and mentally active to the end.
      • Here are some ways to help encourage your child to be active and get moving every day.
      • Colourful and co-ordinated, you can use the everyday tips and moves to get yourself active.
      • In short, we were broke, and we had lost perhaps 90% of our most vigorous and active young men.
      • Chuck Feeney is described by those who've met him as an active, vigorous man with the athletic physique of a former runner.
      • Among the more fit and active, vigorous activity is needed for additional health benefits.
      • These are busy women with very active social lives.
      • Not that Elle actually had time to notice what went on with Aaron lately, what with her new busy and active social life and all.
      • Why not come along and join us. we are a very busy and active institute and meet on the third Thursday at St Peter's Church in Hextable.
      • The Jobs Club has been very active and busy since it got up and running at the beginning of the year.
      • Keeping busy and leading an active life are all part of the big picture for Mrs Morris.
      • I'm just a social drinker with a really active social calendar.
      • But don't worry, I lead a very active social life and my Sunday roast dinners-for-ten are legendary!
      • Caroline is tired, lonely and depressed even as she leads a fake, but highly active, social life.
      • Who knows, perhaps some people like a busy, active church: but somehow wonder and reverence seem to go better with quiet.
      • It didn't make sense for the active lifestyle of a busy family with working parents and two teenage children.
      • Local WI members say their meetings - which combine socialising with education - are very active and lively.
      • With the sociological changes of the 19th century, social life became more active, giving rise to reunions and outings to the countryside.
      • Mom had a very active social life, despite her age, and she played tennis twice a week, plus being a member of about four different committees.
      • A few years ago my parents started having a more active social life than I did.
      • I have a very active social life. I have better friends than most.
      • He has an active social life, and snowboards and plays representation level soccer.
      • Steven encourages an active social scene with evening out paint-balling, bowling and karting all paid for by the company.
      • An overwhelming 65 per cent said the way to tackle it was to maintain an active social circle.
      • Modern day Hollywood is a diverse, vital, and active community striving to preserve the elegant buildings from its past.
      • Sure there's a lot of computer games, but there's plenty of active pursuits going on after school too.

    • 1.2Chemistry Pharmacology

      • This was supposedly caused by a chemical transformation of the active ingredient, but that conclusion was disputed by other scientists.
      • They then perform a crude screening of the organisms to determine if they contain novel chemicals that are biologically active.
      • Large numbers of plant species are a great source of biologically active compounds whose effect on human health or genetic material is mostly unknown.
      • The chemical, salicylic acid, is an active ingredient in aspirin, which is known to thin the blood and reduce the risk of heart disease and bowel cancer.
      • Cosmetic lotions and potions don't contain enough of the active ingredient they boast to have any noticeable effect.
      • But apparently they must list the reported side effects to any of the active ingredients in the medicine.
      • It is a very active metal that reacts vigorously with oxygen in the air, catching fire spontaneously.
      • Boron converts Vitamin D into its active form thus participating in the calcium absorption process.
      • But up until now, the active ingredient of the drug, oseltamivir, is found in a plant, the star anise.
      • The anoxia probably prevented active and continuous bioturbation of the sediment.

    • 1.3

      (volcano) en actividad
      • Deception Island is a historically active volcano with the last eruptions about 30 years ago.
      • The active volcanoes erupt a type of rock known as basalt.
      • Some of the best rice-growing regions of Indonesia are in the shadow of active volcanoes.
      • They are all of volcanic origin; Fogo, the only volcano still active, last erupted in 1995.
      • Mount St. Helens has been an active volcano for about 40,000 years with intermittent periods of dormancy.

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    • 2.1(practicing)

      sexually active teenagers adolescentes que mantienen relaciones sexuales
      • to be politically active militar políticamente
      • there are rebels active in the region hay rebeldes luchando en la zona
      • the friars were active among the poor los frailes trabajaban con los pobres
      • The order has a large urban base, and its educated members are particularly politically active.
      • About a quarter were sexually active before participating in the Wise Guys program.
      • He became politically active as a student and was a founder member of the Congress of Democrats.
      • The project required the students to become active participants in the course.
      • I would like to think such is not the case either, as I have been politically active and have engaged with my community in many ways outside of my university life.
      • We believe that progress toward that end requires that the government be active and engaged in delivering those things.
      • The Ministry of Environment and Forests is calling students to play an active role in environment protection.
      • But some of them were very nice chaps and took a very active part in student life; and added a bit of common sense to student stupidity perhaps.
      • More than seven in 10 who had not had sex came from a family where parents were married to each other, compared with only half of the teenagers who were sexually active.
      • In fact, it is precisely times like these that encourage students to become politically active.
      • These pastors also are politically active and engaged in civil rights.
      • Women, at least in the economic sphere, are as active as men, while the latter also exercise domination in the private sphere.
      • Family centered strategies also encourage surrogate parents to become active in their grandchild's education.
      • ‘Teens are becoming sexually active before they're ready,’ reads another result.
      • The man has been pretty active on the social front.
      • The children of this class who are now in their early twenties remember little or nothing of Soviet privation and are active on the nightlife social scene.
      • About half of all Americans age 60 and older are sexually active, according to the National Council on Aging.
      • He also keeps himself fairly socially active, spearheading a charity to benefit inner-city youths of musical talent.
      • I have been pretty active on the Internet in the past days, but too little time to update this blog.
      • She was already an established singer at the Opera, and many other composers had family connections with male musicians active on the operatic scene.
      • But with more than a quarter of young people being sexually active before they reach the age of 16, this is the age group least likely to use contraception.
      • They clearly targeted sexually active people with one message: If you're having sex, do it safely.

    • 2.2(positive, keen)

      (member/role) activo
      to play an active part in sth tomar parte activa en algo
      • the proposal is under active consideration se está estudiando la propuesta seriamente
      • he takes an active interest in sport sigue con mucho interés todo lo relacionado con el deporte
      • to take active steps to combat terrorism tomar medidas activas para combatir el terrorismo

    • 2.3Military

      (service/duty) activo
      to be on the active list estar en la reserva activa / la primera reserva
      • to be in the active reserves estar en la reserva activa / la primera reserva
      • Rational strengths of force groupings for the employment in the zone of active combat operations can be substantiated by two methods.
      • And, frankly, we saw what happened once active operations got under way.
      • He has also noted that about half the cases this year occurred during active hostilities or combat operations in the Persian Gulf.
      • One hour before the start of active combat operations, it is recommended to begin Stage 3 of the operation.
      • The survey set out to understand the sectors where these businesses are active, where they operate, who they benefit and how they generate income.
      • An active e-commerce operation has almost no time to spare for restore after a data interruption.
      • Rush trained as a ship carver and operated an active workshop for more than fifty years.
      • The Army must continually examine how it will integrate contractors into units during active operations.
      • Under the established law of armed conflict, he can civilly intern a captured combatant until the end of active hostilities.
      • I'm having to change phone numbers along with addresses, and the new number won't be active until Saturday morning.
      • Link not active yet until he posts another entry so look for the post made on Friday, 23rd May.
      • These gauges are active today and are operated as a part of the Passaic Flood Warning System.
      • At that time, many Reserve units were flying and operating legacy aircraft that were no longer in the active force.
      • The yard remained active until 1957, when a fire destroyed the thatched barn and cattle yards, leaving the existing buildings.
      • The site, however, remained active until the end of last week.
      • There was no trace of the medieval synagogue in Aldwark nor the Petergate synagogue, active until as recently as 1975.
      • The Army clings to the belief that all active units should be ready to deploy at any time.
      • The B-52Bs replaced the 95th's B-36s and the unit was active until 1966 when its aircraft were flown to Davis-Morithan for storage and scrapping.
      • I seem to remember some research that showed that different areas of the brain are active when you use the mouse and the keyboard.
      • The website needs an update as some of the links are no longer active.

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    • 3.1Linguistics

      • Be ruthless with clutter, write in the active voice, place each idea into a sentence of its own, and lastly, get your punctuation right.
      • Military vision documents are written in the active voice, with strong verbs and modifiers.
      • Another advantage of sentences written in active voice is that the sentences are usually shorter.
      • Use active verbs and active sentences when writing your site's copy.
      • We would expect strong active verbs in a news story about tsunami relief efforts.

    • 3.2

      (vocabulary) activo


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    the active la voz activa
    • By the way, they discuss many different kinds of bias on the part of the news agency, not just choice between actives and passives.
    • Then there were yet more inflections of verbs, passives alongside actives, subjunctives alongside indicatives, imperatives, present and past participles, gerunds and gerundives.