Translation of activism in Spanish:


activismo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈæktəˌvɪzəm/ /ˈaktɪvɪz(ə)m/


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    activismo masculine
    • They encouraged political activism by organising and advertising demonstrations and protests.
    • This is a brilliant merging of mainstream film production and political activism.
    • As is often the norm, university was the beginning of my serious political activism.
    • There were some very dramatic phrases that came out of the anti-racist activism of the Communist Party.
    • Even more fatal was the revival of radical political activism in the army.
    • Most of the people that I know won't sign up to political activism in order to get better managers.
    • For a party steeped in a history of armed struggle they are none too keen on radical activism.
    • She's hoping that political activism will come out of the living rooms and into the streets.
    • Such an approach arguably can make for good social activism, but it begets bad theatre.
    • He was into the student government and activism, plus he was a prolific dub poet.
    • Only in recent months has political activism become vital and fashionable.
    • The American tradition of black civil rights activism is now expressed through this movement.
    • There are a host of seniors out there who have been forced into political activism.
    • Through it all there is a strand of political activism that waxes and wanes, but never disappears.
    • The anti-war protests around the world had a positive impact on pushing out these groups to take part in more activism.
    • Nonetheless many of these sites illuminate areas of environmental activism you might not have considered.
    • In recent years, women's activism has impacted on other kinds of international conferences.
    • When does the moral justification for activism no longer outweigh the fact that you're breaking the law?
    • Every time there has been an upsurge in student activism this patronising accusation has been made.
    • Anti-war activism by veterans over the years has been largely forgotten or downplayed.