Translation of activity in Spanish:


actividad, n.

Pronunciation /ækˈtɪvədi/ /akˈtɪvɪti/

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nounplural activities

  • 1

    (work, doings)
    actividad feminine
    the activities of drug dealers las actividades de los narcotraficantes
    • it's not an activity I enjoy no es algo que me guste hacer
    • A study in chimpanzees showed lower levels of sexual activity when the females were given oral contraceptives.
    • A second, functional level of military activity responded to shifts in the conduct of operations.
    • In contrast, growth of business activity across the UK private sector as a whole picked up slightly to a strong pace.
    • High levels of sexual activity were perceived as normative for both sexes.
    • Levels of activity in the economy will rise, employment will be boosted and tax receipts will boom.
    • As far as sexual activity is concerned, Jacobs explained, the role of testosterone is still not well defined.
    • Where it really falls down is that even in respect of private activity, employers can contract out of the protections.
    • The analysis concerns the seismic activity occurring during 1874-1913.
    • The level of operational activity is higher and this means that we are spending more time away from our families and friends.
    • A constant reappraisal and fine tuning of educational activity at all levels will give new generations the skills and confidence to work for a better future.
    • Over this period there have been ebbs and flows in the level of activity, often in response to the major issues and challenges of the day.
    • Patients should be questioned about cycle patterns, contraception, and sexual activity.
    • Growth in activity and employment was robust, while confidence levels were high across the board, he said.
    • How do you foresee further developments in Italian business activity in Bulgaria?
    • I am optimistic because there is already a brisk commercial activity under free market conditions.
    • We expect 2003 to be a year of reasonable but not spectacular growth in economic activity and business revenues.
    • Pardew said that the level of US business activity in Bulgaria was still not where it should be.
    • Lawmakers must clarify contract laws and develop new legislation that governs private business activity.
    • This leads to a sharp decline in the level of economic activity, and the economy enters a period of stagnation.
    • There was a high level of competitive activity in certain areas.
    • The post office was always a hive of activity with people bustling about.
    • After breakfast, the house is bustling with activity and movement.
    • The locality has been a hive of activity in recent weeks.
    • Buses radiate out from Valletta bus station, which is a hive of activity from early morning until about 8pm.
    • For several weeks the new centre has become a hive of activity as community volunteers put up the fixtures and fittings in time for the big move.
    • While it was miserable and wet outside, the school hall was a hive of activity, with face painting, games and stalls.
    • Today we need to consciously work out to incorporate the same level of activity into our daily routine.
    • Our goal is for the patient to perform the conditioning activity at a level that is similar to that of normal individual of the same age.
    • A change in activity level or training routine may be the key etiologic factor.
    • Undernutrition is common in many chronic conditions, and obesity can result from conditions that limit physical activity.
    • Physical activity has marked effects on several functions of the human body that may influence cancer risk.
    • Physical activity is an equal partner in developing a healthy lifestyle.
    • Physical activity and alcohol intake were categorised as in earlier reports.
    • I found that dancers and varsity athletes are engaging in physical activity for an equal number of hours per day.
    • Physical activity helps control weight by burning excess calories that would otherwise be stored as fat.
    • All subjects were surveyed about their use of health promoting behaviors, including physical activity.
  • 2

    (action, movement)
    actividad feminine
    movimiento masculine
    (noisy) bullicio masculine
    diplomatic/military activity actividad diplomática/militar
    • a bit less chatter and more activity in that corner! ¡los de ese rincón, menos charla y más trabajo!
  • 3

    actividad feminine
    leisure activities pasatiempos
    • activity holiday
    • He said the club's social activities have ranged from football to having its own choral society.
    • Most contracts will exclude any hazardous water sports or adventurous activities.
    • He encouraged the men to get involved in sporting activities, and football soon became a favourite.
    • Information on activities and pursuits available to children in the area will be provided.
    • Gone is the person who would engage in a sport or activity as a pastime rather than a profession.
    • Most policies, for example, exclude water sport or other hazardous activities.
    • Its activities include the provision of lunches and a wide range of leisure activities from art to yoga.
    • The Supporters Club will be involved in a range of promotional and social activities through the year.
    • There are many health related benefits in becoming active and participating in local sport and recreational activity.
    • A Scot and a keen sportsman he had extended the company's welfare and recreation activities.
    • He took a keen interest in local affairs and kept up to date with sporting activities.
    • A range of activities should be made available so that school children have an opportunity to test themselves and find a sport or activity that they are good at.
    • The visit was part of the Sporting Champions initiative to promote games and activities in schools.
    • The list of activities is long and diverse, from youth clubs to sports teams to skateparks to Scout packs.
    • He has not returned to his former sporting activities with the exception of golf.
    • He said sea angling was a major sport and recreational activity and if the competitions had to be cancelled irreparable damage would be done.
    • The volunteers help the children with their daily needs and organise sporting activities for them.
    • The principle aim is to promote outdoor activities and social camaraderie for retired people.
    • Some patients have no regular access to social activities or talking therapy.
    • In regions where trout are indigenous, the sport of fly-fishing is big business as a sporting activity and a tourist attraction.