Translation of actual in Spanish:


real, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈæk(t)ʃ(u)əl/ /ˈaktʃʊəl/ /ˈaktjʊəl/

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    he cited actual cases citó casos reales / de la vida real
    • the actual owner el verdadero dueño
    • there was no actual written agreement no hubo un acuerdo escrito propiamente dicho
    • the actual show starts later el programa propiamente dicho empieza más tarde
    • There are actual real live people out there that Blog and I'm going to meet one, How exciting!
    • Somewhere in this mass of opinions and actual fact lies the truth about what is actually safe.
    • I think maybe to read this blog you have to know the person and know what is going on in the actual real life.
    • Viable alternatives to oil will only emerge when real and actual necessity dictates it.
    • This is a work of fan fiction and holds no actual relevance to the real story.
    • It's like they're trying to find an excuse for having arrested him, ignoring the actual facts.
    • Under the actual facts of the case, the Court found that the judge had taken no actions of any significance.
    • This came as no real surprise to the actual drivers who completely ignored the threat.
    • This is despite the fact that the actual number of poor children has fallen.
    • This is the inexhaustible domain of what is real without being actual, what is not but which may be.
    • In the real world, actual movements are made up of all manner of tendencies and impulses.
    • He read it literally as real, actual abuse meted out by an attacker on her victim.
    • It is a pointer to the fact that the actual bill may, itself, be wrong and the estimate right.
    • You know, there're only about five actual words in the whole of the song.
    • The actual cost of creating and maintaining that environment is minimal.
    • My writing style was a lot more fluid and readable in the dream too, shame I don't remember any of the actual words.
    • The actual cost of dealing with cancer can run into thousands of pounds.
    • In other words, the actual price of the material and its selling price is very different.
    • It is difficult to see how the actual words in the Constitution support her approach.
    • These are not his actual words but they are a pretty close approximation from memory.
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    (precise, very)
    on the actual day of the election el mismo día de las elecciones
    • this is the actual spot where it happened ocurrió aquí mismo
    • those were her actual words esas fueron sus palabras textuales
    • All the hype on this one seems to have run ahead of the album's actual content and import.
    • As this has happened, the structure of the content, the actual text, has become more important.
    • So, the actual content of the cigarette is less important than its function.
    • In this context, it's the fight against these systems that are more important than actual victory.
    • In other words, the area in which they bought was more important than the actual house.
    • Now we know all about the actual car, the important part of the day was in the driving.
    • The website is as I though a triumph of pretentious style over actual content.
    • It would be good to know something about the actual content of the meeting.
    • One of the problems is that for a whole range of drink now, the actual alcohol content in them has gone up.
    • The doses were very small and were calculated to be small in terms of actual virus particles.
    • The two countries were almost at war and that is much more important than marking the day of the actual event.
    • Names are great but it is the actual proceedings that underpin what we do that is important.
    • Such benefits are often known as use values, since they require actual participation to enjoy them.
    • The site had become unkept and littered with refuse and waste, in particularly the actual pond itself.
    • Japan is taking part in the peace process as host, but is not an actual participant.
    • A lot of people think it may be the actual intensity of the soundwave that's important.
    • Two of the most important factors are the topography of the seafloor and the actual shape of the shoreline.
    • The actual life experience of the therapist can be an extremely important factor.
    • Thus, the actual footage of Carroll saying anything of importance is a bit limited.
    • It did make me want to buy one of his CD's, the actual rapping was good, he does has a very distinctive voice.