Translation of actuality in Spanish:


realidad, n.

Pronunciation /ˌæk(t)ʃəˈwælədi/ /aktʃʊˈalɪti/

nounplural actualities

  • 1

    realidad feminine
    in actuality en realidad
    • In actuality, living where you need a car to do everything runs counter to Ireland's spatial strategy.
    • Well, in actuality it's not a question you can give a plain yes or no because it is condition based.
    • In actuality, the problem is not the weapons themselves but the people who misuse them.
    • This is true even as film since Welles is capable of a quasi-realism indistinguishable from actuality.
    • In theory it is great, but when you are doing it in actuality you run into problems that you never envisaged.
    • Here the audience is confronted by the transfer of energy and force from concept into actuality.
    • On the other hand, you shouldn't let actuality get in the way of a good story!
    • If ever the world needed a symbol of the potency of the threat that confronts us all, here it was as frightful actuality.
    • Lately, most of us have inhabited the space between the terrible actuality and these daydreams.
    • Autobiographical immediacy gives his fictitious reign of terror gritty actuality.
    • It seems that the image of the economy in the popular mind lags some 20 years behind actuality.
    • The hotel is a temporary residence, so maybe you'll soon move from wish to actuality.
    • I want to relate the actuality, the reality of the contemporary performance piece to classical traditions.
    • The track is nearly seven minutes long, but, in actuality, it feels almost too short.
    • Moreover, the impact of actuality is much more potent in the theater than in the concert hall.
    • Sadra warns against the idea that potentiality is prior to actuality in an absolute sense.
    • It is a movie that struggles for significance as it fashions actuality out of ambiguity.
    • It felt like it had been years since I had last seen her, when in actuality it had only been a few months.
    • It is that sense of actuality created that helps make the film so very unnerving.
    • Christianity's foundation centers around the actuality of one event in history.