Translation of actually in Spanish:


en realidad, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈæk(t)ʃ(u)əli/ /ˈaktʃəli/ /ˈaktʃʊəli/


  • 1

    (really, in fact)
    en realidad
    she's actually very bright la verdad es que / en realidad es muy inteligente
    • I never believed I'd actually win nunca creí que llegaría a ganar
    • she did 20 lengths — 22, actually se hizo 20 largos — 22, para ser exactos
    • actually, I know of a nice bar near here mira, conozco un bar aquí cerca que está muy bien
    • actually, I'd rather not go la verdad es que preferiría no ir
    • If Reynolds was still in her job, it might have been possible to actually get the facts on that.
    • In fact, from the above conclusions the truth is actually even more complicated.
    • Somewhere in this mass of opinions and actual fact lies the truth about what is actually safe.
    • What is not arguable is the fact that Martin actually killed someone and that this had to be punished under the present legal system.
    • In fact, I can't actually remember the last time I had such a eureka moment.
    • But they were agreed on the fact that the match actually provided some entertainment in the second half.
    • He wittily captures the psychology of the situation without actually showing many of the faces.
    • In fact, my house actually backed onto their fields where I walked my dog every day, so it was hardly a trip into the unknown.
    • At the same time, I thought the fact that she'd actually survived was weirdly heroic.
    • As I got older, I actually learned the truth, which is both better and worse than this.
    • I find myself sat despondently at my desk, trying to come to terms with the fact that I actually have to work for living.
    • There's the fact that I can't actually live in it because it is devoid of a kitchen and bathroom
    • It's a timely reminder of the fact that actually it isn't the media who have the power to make important decisions.
    • In fact no Marines had actually encountered an enemy yet, spokesmen said.
    • We'll do everything we can to stop that and just shut down the fact that it's actually happened.
    • I love the fact that I can actually see the changes happening week by week.
    • As long as I kept moving and writing my novel, I wouldn't have to deal with the fact no-one actually liked it.
    • This was slightly dampened by the fact that we actually know this guy.
    • Before you say something about somebody, make sure that you actually know the facts.
    • That this situation continues and is actually getting worse is simply not good enough.
    • Contrary to popular opinion, county cricket actually has quite a lot going for it.
    • Despite appearances to the contrary, squirrels are actually pretty mean.
    • It wasn't any torture in the hospital; on the contrary it was actually enjoyable.
    • The reason is that although it seemed like you had a valid contract, you actually did not.
    • It is easy to think that poker has reached saturation, but actually this is far from correct.
    • There is actually no truth whatsoever in this and we apologise to all.
    • In fact, they will actually be encouraged that I am bringing people in.
    • It's not true, actually, I learnt lots of things.
    • Actually, the Commission decision is somewhat more enlightening, because it gives more facts and more directly discusses the sexual harassment theory.
    • The First pub - well actually it's a bar called Blue - is quite packed.
    • I was pleased to inform him that actually, I do have a full bike licence.
    • She had smiled, and it was nice and informal, but actually there is something slightly regal about her.
    • Its actually not as depressing as you would imagine for the topic.
  • 2

    (for emphasis)
    the Queen actually waved to me la Reina hasta me saludó y todo
    • prices have stopped rising and may soon actually fall los precios han dejado de subir y puede que incluso bajen
    • it's actually stopped raining! aunque parezca mentira, ha parado de llover