Translation of acutely in Spanish:


extremadamente, adv.

Pronunciation /əˈkjutli/ /əˈkjuːtli/


  • 1

    • 1.1(intensely, strongly)

      (painful/embarrassing) extremadamente
      (painful/embarrassing) sumamente
      • The General sits in his lifeless castle, the decadence of his environment acutely described.
      • Leibniz, for all his Aristotelian credentials, was not acutely aware of the Aristotelian Problem of First Principles.
      • Charged with leading Dominique's disciples, he is acutely conscious of the limits imposed on their potential for accomplishment.
      • She was also acutely aware of what relationships had to offer.
      • Gelernter discusses very acutely the religious dimension in America's self-understanding over the centuries, which he believes is still pervasive.
      • At the same, time we are acutely aware that we could not afford to broadcast the events without sponsors.
      • In this operation I would be acutely aware of the need to minimise civilian casualties.
      • He was acutely aware of the hot blush that suddenly coloured his fair skin.
      • Jackson was acutely aware that Florida was a dangerous haven for fugitive slaves.
      • The presence of these people must have reminded Roh acutely of the sense of crisis felt by the international community.
      • Guy Claxton is acutely aware that whatever we say we are imposing a pre-existing framework of ideas.
      • John's nose is acutely attuned to the wide range of different smell that he works with daily.
      • Ann Taves is acutely aware of the gulf that divides "experiencing religion" from the "explanation of religious experience."
      • In fact, Conversation with God is a witty, highly personal piece which acutely portrays some of the contradictions of the contemporary Chinese psyche.
      • This is not something that I think people feel acutely.
      • Darcy wanted to ask when he had ever paid any attention to furniture but he was acutely aware of Miss Elizabeth's presence.
      • On subjects as various as football, the Church and the media, Jones is bold, informative and acutely observant.
      • The Governors of the College are acutely aware of the growing educational needs of the wider Church in a changing world.
      • Sex - particularly sexual disease linked to prostitution - was an acutely embarrassing subject to any respectable Victorian woman.
      • William answered, acutely aware of her proximity.
      • In fact, the wielder may suffer more acutely than others.
      • Regulations allow a maximum of 55 gallons of hazardous waste or 1 quart of acutely hazardous waste at each satellite accumulation area.
      • She was recently admitted to hospital with an acutely painful, swollen knee.
      • A reorganisation of the management of acutely jaundiced patients was needed.
      • Russians, for historical reasons, can be acutely ill at ease with the idea of expounding uncomfortable truths in a formal setting.
      • The author has provided what is certain to be an epic firsthand account of a critical episode in that acutely divisive era.
      • Housing minister Jeff Rooker said the projects had already started and given hope of a revitalised future to the nine areas most acutely affected.
      • Safety and tolerability of oral loading divalproex sodium in acutely manic bipolar patients.
      • It is, at the same time, also an excellent example of the atypical and acutely volatile nature of the current environment.
      • These units were selected because they housed acutely ill patients who generally required bed baths.
      • The device was quickly embraced by the medical community and its use expanded beyond acutely ill cardiac patients, before its benefits were actually proven.
      • Advances in the recognition and treatment of pain in children over the past 20 years have led to improved pain management for acutely ill and injured children.
      • This is undeniably an acutely fragile financial environment, where problems in one market (especially in derivatives) can quickly transfer to other markets.
      • Patients should be referred promptly, as the medical treatment of thyroid eye disease is more likely to be effective when given while the eye tissue is acutely inflamed.
      • During the exam, students provided care to acutely ill children and adults.
      • By this time, conscious patients were not acutely distressed, although some were anxious or scared.
      • The patient may become acutely ill and need to be admitted to the hospital with pneumonia.
      • At the same time, the acutely imbalanced U.S. bubble economy demands continuous monetary largess from both home and abroad.
      • Poor people acutely feel their powerlessness and insecurity, their vulnerability and lack of dignity.
      • The country is acutely vulnerable.

    • 1.2(keenly)

      to be acutely aware of sth ser plenamente consciente de algo

  • 2

    (analyze/observe) con perspicacia
    (analyze/observe) con agudeza
    (analyze/observe) sagazmente