There are 2 main translations of ad in Spanish

: ad1AD2


Pronunciation /æd/ /ad/


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    • Galleries are also available of the posters and print ads used to advertise the movie.
    • Bash is also trying to decrease the number of tobacco commercials and ads on television and in the media.
    • A quick survey of all the commercials on television and ads in newspapers would make us believe that it does.
    • What they taught him was that he shouldn't write ads for his advertising friends but for the people.
    • Corporations are also replacing their normal advertising with ads created for the Red Cross.
    • Google also announced it will begin to offer banner ads to advertisers for the first time.
    • Funny thing though, they keep delivering to you, thick folders of ads and flyers.
    • Visitor numbers are a key consideration for advertisers considering placing ads on sites.
    • These days we're used to shock advertising, the soft sell and all ads in between.
    • He has blanketed the city with glossy advertising, nonstop television spots and radio ads.
    • No matter which medium is chosen for advertising, ads must exist in order to be publicized.
    • Depression is talked about, written about, has ads about it on television.
    • Only when he and father Jimmy made a series of Ford ads for television did he have trouble walking down Princes Street unnoticed.
    • She's actually appearing on television insurance ads at the moment.
    • World music can now be heard in television ads, in movies, and is incorporated in electronic music.
    • Even the television ads for these magazines celebrate the hopeless stupidity and superficiality of the male.
    • But at least the television ads bring a touch of unpolished rationality to the broadcasts.
    • Dean also has run television ads in key states more than four months before voters go to the polls.
    • Anyway, we're already excitedly mulling over ideas for possible commercials and print ads.
    • It doesn't mean that I want to see ads from companies who push these drugs.

There are 2 main translations of AD in Spanish

: ad1AD2


después de Cristo, adv.


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    después de Cristo
    (written form) dC
    (written form) d. de C.
    (written form) d. de J. C.