Translation of adamant in Spanish:


firme, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈædəmənt/ /ˈadəm(ə)nt/

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    (refusal) firme
    (refusal) categórico
    I asked him to reconsider, but he was adamant le pedí que lo reconsiderara pero se mantuvo inflexible
    • she was adamant that she wouldn't go se mantuvo firme en su decisión de no ir
    • Sampson is adamant in her belief that language requirements for admission should be stricter.
    • They were adamant that they would not allow the council to carry out work on the house nor the family to take up residence.
    • However, Maria is adamant that gender has never been an issue in her career.
    • But the peace protesters were adamant that civil disobedience was the only course of action left to them.
    • We tried to persuade them to let us show the film at Edinburgh, but Venice's new director was adamant that we couldn't.
    • But he is adamant that there is not a word of truth in any of these stories, and that, for the time being at least, he is here to stay.
    • Andrew was adamant that his son would not suffer the horrors he had.
    • The biotech companies remain adamant that they will not foot the bill, and that it is a matter for insurance by farmers.
    • College authorities are adamant that the issue has been dealt with.
    • At the time, they were adamant that women were queuing up for copies.
    • She's adamant that she'll begin an indefinite hunger strike once she reaches jail.
    • The mast has been shown to adhere to safe radiation levels but Ryan is adamant that it gives him headaches and dizzy spells.
    • When I started this site, I was adamant that no personal details of my life would find their way on to these pages.
    • However, the spokesman was adamant that the nursery had not been forced out of the church hall by rent increases.
    • The group is adamant that these protests will continue until the club is closed.
    • The port authority has been adamant that a split train unloading system was not an option.
    • The calls stopped abruptly that weekend, but Frisk is adamant that his decision is final.
    • He is adamant that he will never marry again and guards his new-found freedom fiercely.
    • Findlay is no less adamant when it comes to future funding for the company.
    • Many of them, I am afraid, are simply adamant in their views and are not interested in the evidence.