Translation of adamantine in Spanish:


adamantino, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌædəˈmænˌtin/ /ˌædəˈmænˌtaɪn/ /ˌadəˈmantʌɪn/

Definition of adamantino in Spanish


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    (rock) adamantino
    (rock) diamantino
    (will/resolve) inquebrantable
    (will/resolve) inexorable
    • Here is Prometheus, the rebel: nail him to the rock; secure him on this towering summit fast in the unyielding grip of adamantine chains.
    • They need hope - a kind of unflappable, adamantine hope.
    • I am possessed, as much as the next man, of that stiff upper lip, steely resolve and adamantine backbone which make us British positively megalithic in the face of danger.
    • Greece will bring an adamantine spirit to the final rather than virtuosity.
    • I don't have a problem with naturalistic explanations for miracles, as long as they are not too tortured or based on a philosophy which is, at bottom, the adamantine will to deny the supernatural at all costs.