Translation of adaptable in Spanish:


adaptable, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈdæptəb(ə)l/ /əˈdaptəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    (device/system/species) adaptable
    (person) adaptable
    (person) amoldable
    to be adaptable to sth poder adaptarse a algo
    I'm very adaptable yo soy muy adaptable
    • Therefore, it would be easily adaptable for multiple purposes.
    • Acoustical control poses one of the greatest challenges to adaptable interiors.
    • It is a compact, drop-point fixed blade designed for easy carry and adaptable to many uses.
    • Now the Home Office says that these guns are easily adaptable to fire live ammunition.
    • The till is adaptable to the individual needs of the retailer.
    • And the systems had to be easily adaptable to handle other birds, such as turkeys and ducks.
    • Researchers also hope to create a tank design that could be adaptable to any type of solid-state hydrogen storage.
    • But the resulting weapons led the way into the missile age and proved adaptable to tactical air warfare.
    • A remarkable amount of Toyota's hybrid technology is adaptable to fuel cells.
    • In addition, this model must be replicable and adaptable to new products and services as they come to market.
    • The receiver is of the flat-top variety with an accessory rail that is adaptable to most optical sights.
    • The machines are adaptable to either single or multiple filling operations.
    • Being a compact, three-level expressed framed structure, it was readily adaptable to new uses.
    • The unit is readily adaptable to aviation, automotive and marine modes with a minimum of effort.
    • One type of filter was not adaptable to all the gases used, so the masks were ineffective sometimes.
    • The contractual objective of the contract with Wang was that the Wang system would be adaptable to new business requirements.
    • Now we have to develop models of implants adaptable to the larger human eyes.
    • We're learning that design models need to be adaptable to various output methods.
    • Citylink has found that Linux readily is adaptable to whatever the company needs it to do.
    • Existing cell phones should be easily adaptable to work with the satellite system.
    • All the depicted vegetation is highly resilient and adaptable to the most hostile surroundings.
    • Most perennials are adaptable to sun or shade, various soil and water conditions.
    • They must be flexible and adaptable to ever-changing schedules and situations.
    • Compared to hard law it can be more flexible and adaptable to a fast changing technical and political environment.
    • We have created units that are flexible, creative and adaptable to the changing marketplace around us.
    • Rational beliefs tend to be moderate, flexible, and adaptable to life events.
    • Approaches to TB control should be flexible and adaptable to local needs and circumstances.
    • The highly divided gecko foot is also minutely adaptable to bumpy surfaces and is easy to reposition, he says.
    • We acknowledge it is not easy, but we all must be adaptable to survive.
    • It was endlessly adaptable to the changing social and economic landscape, and ruthless at ditching beliefs or leaders which stood in the way of power.
    • They are adaptable to soils and situations and can be planted beside a water-garden, as a border or on slopes to bind the soil.
    • These people like myself-have a different quality, they learn to be adaptable to any situation.
    • Proper organization and procedures are important but need to remain adaptable to changing circumstances.
    • Living languages are in constant use and therefore must be adaptable to changing situations and circumstances.
    • Insects and diseases don't bother them, and the plants are incredibly adaptable to almost any climate.
    • Instead, one must learn tactical principles applicable and adaptable to various situations.
    • And keep an extra eye on the elderly and young children since their bodies are not as adaptable to the heat.
    • Doctors need to be balanced, open, and adaptable to change.
    • The brain has evolved to be exquisitely adaptable to environmental change.
    • Women are more adaptable, compliant and possess the communication skills required by the call centre service economy.