Translation of adapter in Spanish:


enchufe múltiple, n.

Pronunciation /əˈdæptər/ /əˈdaptə/


  • 1

    (with several sockets) enchufe múltiple masculine
    (with several sockets) ladrón masculine
    (with several sockets) triple masculine Southern Cone
    (for different sockets) adaptador masculine
    AC adapter transformador
    • mains adapter transformador
    • A North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue spokesman said the cause of the blaze was an overloaded electrical socket adapter.
    • So picture me, kneeling on my bed, trying to jiggle loose this plug, which is plugged into a six-plug adapter.
    • The overloaded adaptor was removed and John was asked to plug the toaster in safely.
    • If you use an adaptor ensure that you don’t overload the circuit by using heavy usage appliances together as you risk causing a fire.
    • One of the most common sights in some student accommodation is the use of a Multi-plug adaptor, which supplies electricity to several appliances
  • 2

    (connecting device)
    adaptador masculine
    • It is an adaptor that converts the analog signal that is generated by your standard phone into a digital signal.
    • There's also a connector (and an adapter if you need it) for handling different types of monitors.
    • As mentioned earlier, there are two adapters to convert the DVI connections for standard VGA use.
    • You can buy an inexpensive adaptor for your equipment when you arrive in Hong Kong.
    • The adapter transfers that piece of data between the two programs, making sure it ends up in the right place.
    • But Middleton points out that most computers are now shipped with pre-installed Ethernet cards, and many can be connected with a plug-in adapter.
    • Unpacking the box you find a plethora of connectors and adapters for what ever might float your boat.
    • Many service providers will provide you with the equipment that you need such as phone adapters and software.
    • The mobile radio telephone system includes a hand held unit, a cassette adapter, and a coupling unit.
    • This process uses slide-in connectors to offer the compatibility for the different connections without using adapters, which often take up un-needed room in your case.
    • You'll need a plastic PVC cap for one end of the pipe, and on the other end you'll need an adapter to convert the PVC pipe to a standard pipe thread.
    • The power adapter connector is placed rather unusually, along the center of the case, right above the base.
    • Gamers in North America can now battle each other online with the release of adapters to connect the Playstation2 to the internet…
    • Limitations at the moment include it not supporting PC Card network adapters or USB broadband connections.
    • With a boat, however, electricity is routed through a gauntlet of adapters and shore power connections that depend on friction to maintain contact.
    • If you're traveling abroad, make sure you take the correct electrical conversion adapters for your equipment.
    • In the latter case, there's also an option to run an audio input directly to your intercom, rather than using the adapter for your headset.
    • You need to connect a bluetooth adaptor to your phoneline, however.
    • Anything electrical will require an adaptor plug for use overseas.
    • I'd forgotten the plug adaptor for my laptop: a new one arrived at the door within 90 seconds.