Traducción de add-in en Español:


que se puede añadir, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈædˌɪn/


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    que se puede añadir


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    añadido masculino
    • But the Power Mac is a special case in that its graphics are add-ins, so Apple can pretty much bundle whatever board takes its fancy.
    • Certainly, those machines, with their SDMC add-in slot, new peripheral connector and other refinements, will be high on developers' shopping lists - higher, at any rate, than the older PDAs.
    • Intel is also known to be working on an add-in that combines Wi-Fi and 3G mobile phone network connectivity, but it is not expected to unveil this product until later this Autumn.
    • The chipset uses the ExpressCard add-in format.
    • The board supports six USB ports, with two available on the backpanel and the rest enabled through an optional add-in bracket.