Translation of addicted in Spanish:


adicto, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈdɪktəd/ /əˈdɪktɪd/

Definition of adicto in Spanish


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    to be addicted (to sth) ser adicto (a algo)
    • When I was 21 I went to prison for the first time and by then I was addicted to heroin.
    • The proposals would force young people addicted to heroin and cocaine to either submit to treatment or face the full force of the law.
    • We estimate that some 20,000 young people are currently addicted to heroin and cocaine.
    • Being addicted to a substance usually means you're dependent on it to some degree.
    • She started drinking heavily in her late teens and by the time she was in her twenties she was hopelessly addicted to alcohol.
    • It is not at all uncommon for babies to be born already addicted to heroin or other opiates.
    • He has been addicted to heroin for several years and is on a drug rehabilitation programme.
    • A burglar in adolescence, he was addicted to heroin and behind bars before reaching voting age.
    • Nicola had been addicted to heroin for six years, becoming hooked when a friend offered her the drug.
    • At the time of his arrest he was heavily addicted to heroin and funded his habit by selling at a profit to pay for his own drugs.
    • I know that I personally am only very slightly physically addicted to nicotine.
    • Here was a pretty young woman, with a caring job, who died because she was allergic to a substance she was addicted to.
    • We are effectively physically addicted to such things as sugar, or carbohydrates, or fats.
    • Both her parents were heroin addicts at the time and she had ended up addicted to crack cocaine.
    • Four percent of the Thai population is estimated to be addicted to the stimulant drug.
    • In his third year he dropped out, his concentration was appalling and he was addicted to another drug which was much harder.
    • He told me that alcohol was a worse thing to be addicted to than any drug, even heroin.
    • She was addicted to drugs and alcohol and she had been for many years.
    • This means your body is addicted to it and that is a lot harder to shake.
    • She had become addicted to amphetamines since trying to lose weight five years ago and used small amounts of the drug every day.