Translation of addition in Spanish:


suma, n.

Pronunciation /əˈdɪʃ(ə)n/

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    • 1.1Mathematics

      suma feminine
      adición feminine formal
      to learn addition and subtraction aprender a sumar y restar
      • That is addition, multiplication and the two inverse operations of subtraction and division.
      • Yet addition and also subtraction are only an extension of counting.
      • The Count Hoot section of the site helps with addition and subtraction as well.
      • As one might expect, multiplication of infinite decimals is more complicated than addition.
      • She showed that babies can even do addition and subtraction, of a rudimentary sort.
      • Basically they had to devise methods of multiplication and division which only involved addition.
      • The only way is up - addition works in three dimensions but what about multiplication?
      • That's likely a trace to the way many of us learned to count and do basic addition.
      • Such a machine would be able to carry out complex operations using only the mechanism for addition.
      • Our old maths teacher was teaching addition to the kids and she asked us to look on as she went along with her class.
      • The addition of three points to his team's total is a minor calculation.
      • They are great at the game of subtraction, when the game of parliamentary politics is addition.
      • If the slip is accompanied by a number of items, the payee's addition of the sums is verified.
      • In this addition sum each letter represents a digit, different letters being different digits.
      • To see the sort of difficulty that can arise, let us consider addition first.
      • This suggests that Component 3 is not a vector addition but could be a single component.
      • Superimposing the two logical operations we can define binary addition.
      • We were reviewing vector addition this evening at a study session.
      • If you want to know the total force which is exerted on the body, you have to carry out a vector addition.
      • We have now defined two operations for matrices, addition and multiplication.

    • 1.2(adding)

      adición feminine
      she recommends the addition of brandy recomienda que se le añada / que se le agregue brandy
      • A wakeboard is similar in shape to a snowboard, with the addition of two small fins on the underside.
      • With the addition of a few commas and the striking out of the one paragraph, the deal already on the table will finally go through.
      • The colour range favours warm and tropical colours, with the addition of blue and sea green.
      • The town of Belmullet looks splendid and bright with the addition of new lights.
      • The garden will continue to be developed in the future with the addition of an aromatic walkway planned for next year.
      • The sweltering conditions will run into the middle of next week with the addition of the odd thunderstorm.
      • This classic snack can be varied with the addition of thinly sliced smoked chicken or turkey and avocado.
      • Bolton's nightlife is due to expand again with the addition of another trendy wine bar.
      • In the kitchen, a truly rural feel is added to the kitchen with the addition of a solid-fuel Aga.
      • The new year has brought some dramatic changes at the loch with the addition of three new fisheries.
      • It was tender, juicy and tasty, especially with the addition of the salty pork wrapping.
      • You can make them more formal with the addition of a diamanté brooch to use as a clasp on the front or the back.
      • Make old timber look new with the addition of vinegar and blasting it with a blowtorch.
      • Turkey and the trimmings can be improved dramatically with the addition of a well chosen wine accompaniment.
      • At a later stage they were subsequently sold as Van Goghs, occasionally with the addition of a false signature.
      • It can work on hair that is fine or thin with the addition of hair pieces or extensions.
      • The camera obscura box reproduced these conditions and clarified the images with the addition of a lens.
      • This is not the case these days; with the addition of violence, things have turned a bit uglier.
      • Division two saw the usual suspects duelling it out with the addition of some new faces.
      • A community transport scheme has been given a major boost with the addition of an extra vehicle.

  • 2

    • 2.1(extra thing)

      these rooms are later additions estas habitaciones se construyeron después
      • a useful addition to your toolkit un práctico complemento para su caja de herramientas
      • the latest additions to our library las últimas adquisiciones de nuestra biblioteca

    • 2.2(extra person)

      she is a valuable addition to our team su incorporación a nuestro equipo es muy valiosa
      • we're expecting an addition to the family dentro de poco aumentará la familia