Translation of additional in Spanish:


extra, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈdɪʃ(ə)n(ə)l/


  • 1

    (cost/weight) extra
    (cost/weight) adicional
    it's an additional reason for not telling her es razón de más para no decírselo
    • service is additional el servicio no está incluido
    • The extra reach can give access to an additional two floors of a burning building.
    • The immigration procedures are just an additional avenue for information to leak out.
    • Our analysis was sent to the authors for checking and for additional information.
    • They call for an additional million health workers to be trained in the next decade.
    • It will look at ways of spending the additional cash which could include funding an extra warden.
    • This product is available only through brokers, so there may be an additional broker fee.
    • It added that any new information should be clearly explained in an additional report.
    • She said the letter had caused her additional hurt and distress at a very difficult time.
    • However, it all turned sour this week with the news that an additional grant had been rejected.
    • The additional lorries would lead to more accidents and people being killed or disabled.
    • Calne Town Council is now looking for additional land to be used for allotments in the south of town.
    • The company has been paying my accommodation costs and my additional travel expenses.
    • If there are things we feel we can do to enhance his capabilities by additional support we'd look at it.
    • There had to be a way to do that and the first option was to seek additional funding.
    • The additional sailings will continue until all three ships are back in service.
    • The application was then amended so the land would be used for an additional four properties.
    • There would be additional employment in the offices, boutiques and a youth hostel.
    • He underwent additional training and spent five months clearing mines in the desert.
    • So there would be no additional burden at all on taxpayers as a result of that change.
    • Both councils said they were still unsure how additional places would be funded.