Traducción de adept en Español:


experto, adj.

Pronunciación /əˈdɛpt/ /ˈadɛpt/

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  • 1

    to be adept at sth/-ing ser experto en algo/+ inf


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    experto masculino
    experta femenino
    maestro masculino
    maestra femenino
    • Some Hindi-film adepts, including author-screenwriter Suketu Mehta and Internet Movie Database staffer Michel Hafner have offered help.
    • I will leave that judgment to other kung-fu adepts.
    • To begin with, they are adepts of conspiracy theory, obsessed with information, disinformation, propaganda and its country cousin, mind control.
    • Usually there'd be a few other permutations of ‘face’ thrown in, with the true adepts raising the whole enterprise to something of an art form.
    • In England, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle, and in France, Marie Paul Lavoisier presided over such salons and made a name for themselves as scientific adepts.
    • Certain adepts are supposedly able to prepare the soup in a way that minimizes this slipperiness, but I can't say that I have ever dined with any.
    • But he also believes that some of its adepts contributed significantly to the ideology of the 1960s - and not only in Australia.
    • As knowledgable adepts in Arabic and Farsi, for instance, they are in an excellent position to understand nuances that hard-nosed businessmen may not.
    • Is one religion more valuable than another, just because its adepts adhere to one school of thought over another?
    • For such a normally quick tempered and impatient people they have shown themselves adepts at procrastination and brinkmanship.
    • Some people would call it a property of those they call adepts but this is just an elitist illusion.
    • The very concepts of ‘nature’ and ‘human nature’ now can be held up against the light shed by ancient medical writers, religious adepts, and the Christian Fathers.
    • Like Taine, Cezanne had only contempt for the adepts of a dry, linear style, whom he associated with ascetic, religious (that is, nonsensuous) spirituality.
    • The painter's orphic sleight of hand was abetted by arcane titles that conjure profligate aristocrats, sexual libertines, adepts of the dark arts and drugged esthetes.
    • Instead, it surely refers to a state of total stillness and even abnegation, an ideal that religious adepts of all disciplines have long aspired to.
    • It is reported that some cases of Levitation appear to be spontaneous, while spiritual or magical adepts are said to be able to control it consciously.
    • Technical adepts reconfigured Soviet-manufactured radios to receive short wave from abroad, broadcast as part of the cold war.
    • But true adepts would never have been concerned with anything so vulgar as financial gain.
    • He became an adept in the cryptologic art, until then almost unknown, and exercised it on behalf of the parliamentary party.