Translation of adequate in Spanish:


suficiente, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈædəkwət/ /ˈadɪkwət/

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  • 1

    (assistance/funding) suficiente
    we didn't get adequate notice no se nos avisó con la suficiente anticipación
    • They point to figures that show current oil supplies are more than adequate to satisfy demand.
    • Allocation of adequate resources for research in these fields is highly desirable.
    • The band simply didn't have the time or resources to find an adequate replacement for Frank.
    • We concentrated on the failure of the trust to give the school fair treatment and adequate support.
    • He does not consider this to be an adequate reason for not claiming asylum on arrival at the airport.
    • The argument was that the Judge had not given adequate reasons for his adverse findings.
    • In some cases this is adequate, but in others it may be far from acceptable image quality.
    • Have you got adequate measures in place for you and your employees to deal with the heat?
    • There were two car-parking spots for each dwelling and he thought access was adequate.
    • The strike date is set for later this month to allow adequate time for negotiations early in the New Year.
    • They should supply us with adequate refuse and recycling units, then many would recycle.
    • If you only go abroad once a year then a single-trip policy should be adequate.
    • To build up a fund large enough to buy an adequate pension, it is important to start saving as soon as possible.
    • These boys are not brought up with an adequate amount of respect for the opposite sex.
    • It also requires there to be adequate legroom for workers to work comfortably.
    • Many villagers had also felt that the proposal did not offer adequate parking.
    • The wine list is adequate, but it is probably best to avoid those from the castle's own vineyard.
    • Students heading off to university are being urged to check they have adequate insurance.
    • The main drain isn't adequate to take away waste water from the fishmongers' kiosks.
    • The infrastructure is not adequate to take the amount of traffic there is now.
  • 2

    (good enough)
    (explanation/excuse) adecuado
    (explanation/excuse) aceptable
    to be adequate to sth/-ing
    work of an adequate standard un trabajo de un nivel aceptable
    • the room was perfectly adequate la habitación estaba bien / no estaba nada mal