Translation of adhere in Spanish:


adherirse, v.

Pronunciation /ədˈhɪr/ /ədˈhɪə/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to adhere to sth adherirse a algo
    pegarse a algo
    • You will need to use a melamine primer on the doors, so that the new paint will adhere to the surface, then choose new handles.
    • If it's plastic or metal, you'll need to spread a dulling compound, designed to help paint adhere to slick surfaces.
    • A paint's ability to adhere to a surface will vary with the type and quality of resins it contains.
    • Dust films are a light powder of clay and silt-sized particles that adhere to rough surfaces and rock fractures.
    • Once sprayed with water, the gecko was unable to adhere to the surface.
    • The debris is a mixture of dirt and brake pad material that has adhered to the ceramic surface.
    • There are simply too many different types of problems that involve paint not adhering to exterior surfaces.
    • A service professional can also advise on stripping paint from plaster walls and ensuring that the new paint adheres to the surface.
    • This is because much of the dirt that may accumulate inside air ducts adheres to duct surfaces and does not necessarily enter the living space.
    • Some spiders have another seeming superpower: an ability to adhere to sheer surfaces, even when upside down.
    • For example, if caulking is installed when the temperature is too cold, it will not properly adhere to surfaces.
    • On the inner elements, it is necessary for the tape to adhere to the surface in order to damp out vibrations.
    • Warm temperatures are also necessary so the caulk will set properly and adhere to the surface.
    • This ability to adhere to surfaces is lost when an insect's feet become covered in particles.
    • Adhesive tape will not adhere to wet, dirty, rusty, or frozen surfaces.
    • In the cold-transfer method, an image on paper is sprayed with a chemical solution that adheres to the surface of the artwork.
    • The chief problem for artists working on copper is to persuade the paint to adhere to the very smooth surface.
    • The lolly becomes sticky so that the sherbet adheres to its surface.
    • There are products on the market that will help keep food from adhering to cooking surfaces, keeping these appliances from getting so dirty they are difficult to clean.
    • If the walls are painted with a semi-gloss or gloss paint, give them a light sanding to dull the surface so the glue adheres better.
  • 2

    to adhere to sth adherirse a algo
    observar algo
    cumplir con algo
    • In numerous poetry collections, books of essays and fiction that followed, he closely adhered to this view of an unfettered aesthetic - not yoked to any ideology or dogma.
    • The association also holds cat shows and judges them based on how closely they adhere to the standards.
    • The play strikes me as an attempt to recreate a winning formula, adhering rather too closely to the mould of its last show, Hatched.
    • The script adheres pretty closely to the basic plot of the 1949 book, which imagined a totalitarian state where even the thoughts of its subjects are controlled by an all-seeing Big Brother.
    • There's a feedback relationship between real exploration and fiction, if our fiction adheres closely to the way things might actually play out.
    • Instead, they say, the fault lies with an administration that adheres too closely to a script.
    • Despite first appearances, it adheres closely to Shakespeare's play.
    • We don't adhere closely to it, rather in the name of goodwill we have a tendency to overlook most of the criteria and refund within much wider limits.
    • The means to accomplish this were literate sermons, adhering closely to the liturgy of the church; catechising the young; and administering the sacraments.
    • He began reproducing some pieces, adhering as closely as possible to the vivid colors of the originals.
    • Both works build from simple, even austere, ideas, but Gould's work more closely adheres to the conventional idea of a fanfare.
    • Many architectural historians maintain that Mission furniture adhered more closely to the Arts and Crafts ideals than most British work did.
    • If you adhered closely to the program through Phase 3, you probably have at least the faint outline of a six-pack now emerging.
    • Among the first generation, family relations adhered rather closely to the traditional Bulgarian model.
    • The subsequent shoot adhered closely to what was written.
    • A few of today's rap artists have adhered closely to rap's original spirit as an egalitarian party music.
    • This CD was produced by the composer, so I suppose the performances adhere closely to his wishes.
    • The industry's strategy is to adhere to the facts and procure accurate information from third party experts.
    • His affinity with his subject, though, is one that conversely makes him adhere to the facts.
    • It was important to adhere to best practice and follow the highest international standards.
    • Farmers are urged to adhere to good agricultural practices in the disposal and spreading of agricultural wastes such as slurry.
    • Someone needs to audit doctors to determine how well they adhere to best practices.
    • However, most phone companies adhere to good practice and inform councils when masts are being installed.
    • Certainly, playing on a collegiate team isn't easy, requiring a student to adhere to a rigorous practice and study schedule.
    • As an independent practitioner, it is incumbent on you to keep up to date with nursing standards and to adhere to current practices and guidelines.
    • Neither can I conclude that even a failure to adhere to good practice necessarily equates with maladministration.
    • Failure to adhere to safe working practices in the laboratory can quickly result in serious injuries or incidents.
    • This trade body has a code of practice for members to adhere to, but it is a toothless watchdog with limited powers.
    • Where significant differences existed between the hospital groups, usually large hospitals adhered to accepted practice guidelines to a greater extent.
    • Always understand, develop, and adhere to proper safety practices.
    • It adheres to strict ethical practices and accepts that business may be lost when standards need to be met.
    • They have to believe that we, rather than some distant authority, adhere to high standards - and practice what we preach.
    • If farmers are adhering to good farming practices, as most of them are, then there will not be any substantive change.
    • Next, they must consistently follow the procedure and be accountable for their practice by adhering strictly to the policy.
    • They conclude that psychologists can become considerably more aggressive in their professional advertising practices, while still adhering to appropriate ethical constraints.
    • In practice, adhering to such strictures is onerous and difficult.
    • By adhering to proven safety practices and protective measures, risk of personal injury can be minimized.
    • You may follow any road your mind wishes to follow or adhere to the teachings of any guide or guru.
    • To find even a single disciple who would accept and adhere to such stringent conditions appears impossible.