Translation of adherent in Spanish:


partidario, n.

Pronunciation /ædˈhɪrənt/ /ædˈhɛrənt/ /ədˈhɪər(ə)nt/


  • 1

    partidario masculine
    partidaria feminine
    adepto masculine
    adepta feminine
    • He was an adherent of liberation theology, a progressive movement that advocated for the poor.
    • He was, in his younger days, an adherent of socialist views.
    • John Duncan was born in Athy in or about 1785 and unlike his brother Thomas he became an ardent adherent of Methodism.
    • Violet was an adherent of the United Church of Canada.
    • The perception appears to be that I am such a slavish adherent of the letter of the law that I do not grasp the spirit of it.
    • Even before that, I was not an adherent of the Freudian theory, just from my own experience.
    • He was not an adherent of an established religious tradition, but followed his own personal faith.
    • He is an adherent of the somewhat controversial school of evolutionary psychology.
    • Any person could be an adherent of the religion concerned, and be entitled to the same privileges and obligations as every other person.
    • As an adherent of the ‘ignore it and it will go away’ school of medicine it was only at my wife's insistence that I made an appointment with my GP.
    • Most mainstream religions might raise an eyebrow or two at the idea of their adherents doing that.
    • The Soviet Union's ideology had many adherents and apologists throughout the West.
    • The great irony of communism is that its most devoted adherents were not those at the top who brought it into being.
    • In either its narrow or comprehensive version, utilitarianism has both devoted adherents and fierce opponents.
    • Her unique confrontational style won her the most devoted adherents and the most rabid enemies.
    • Are some religions trying to soften their hard stances to try to attract more adherents, and is that the right thing to do?
    • Over the years, as the theory has developed and become more widely known, it has attracted increasing numbers of adherents and sympathizers.
    • Worker militancy certainly persisted, but it attracted fewer adherents than in other countries.
    • This distinct liturgical tradition, precisely because it is distinct, is attracting new adherents.