Translation of adhesive in Spanish:


adhesivo, adj.

Pronunciation /ædˈhisɪv/ /ædˈhizɪv/ /ədˈhiːsɪv/ /ədˈhiːzɪv/

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    (tape/labels) adhesivo
    adhesive plaster esparadrapo
    • Now the average consumer can forget about toying with adhesive labels and just print right to the disc.
    • Is that a more courteous and smooth version of adhesive label?
    • The owner places adhesive labels or tags on each item he or she cannot afford to lose.
    • His own name and address were present, printed on a generic adhesive label.
    • The stitches above and below each eye were covered by sterilised adhesive strips, with gauze dressings hiding everything from view.
    • He also has a piece of adhesive gum with drawing pins sunk in it which, when combined with a thick rubber band, makes a horrifying catapult.
    • The serial numbers are printed on adhesive strips, so I put the strip on the case.
    • Britain's first adhesive postage stamp, the Penny Black, had been launched just seven months earlier.
    • There will be a lucky dip, incorporating the elusive Penny Black, the world's first adhesive postage stamp.
    • This dressing is sealed with transparent adhesive drape.
    • Many other gastropods use mucus to attach to the substratum with varying degrees of adhesive strength.
    • Members of the Siganidae family first produce small adhesive egg sacs, which then become larvae.
    • One color can simply be left plain, while the other can be distinguished with a simple piece of tape or adhesive dot.
    • Cut two squares, a half-inch wider and taller than the opening, from clear adhesive paper.
    • This problem is avoided if adhesive electrodes are used.
    • Insect adhesive organs are either smooth and deformable cuticle pads or fields of adhesive setae.
    • In addition to the mousepad itself, they also give you two strips of Teflon with adhesive backing known as Padsurfers.
    • The electrodes should be attached to the skin by double-sided adhesive collars.
    • The operator has only to recognise that cardiac arrest may have occurred and attach two adhesive electrodes to the patient's chest.


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    adhesivo masculine
    pegamento masculine