Translation of adipose in Spanish:


adiposo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈædəˌpoʊs/ /ˈædəˌpoʊz/ /ˈadɪpəʊs/ /ˈadɪpəʊz/

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    • Subcutaneous adipose tissue and skeletal muscle mass, however, were the same in both groups.
    • We measured the circumference of the waist and hips, and we analysed subcutaneous abdominal adipose tissue by gas chromatography for fatty acids.
    • The weight of the abdominal viscera and adipose tissue pressed on the diaphragm, resulting in decreased chest volume.
    • The infiltrate was seen deep, involving the skeletal muscle and adipose tissue.
    • Storage in adipose tissue may be protective because pesticide levels in the brain are minimized.