Translation of adjustment in Spanish:


ajuste, n.

Pronunciation /əˈdʒəstmənt/ /əˈdʒʌs(t)m(ə)nt/

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  • 1

    (to machine, instrument) ajuste masculine
    (to figures) ajuste masculine
    (to figures) reajuste masculine
    (to clothes) arreglo masculine
    (to plan, system) cambio masculine
    (to plan, system) modificación feminine
    to make adjustments to a machine hacerle ajustes a una máquina
    • the plan needs some minor adjustments el plan necesita algunos pequeños cambios / algunas pequeñas modificaciones
    • we had to make some adjustments to our lifestyle tuvimos que cambiar / adaptar un poco
    • Indeed, the same spoon reamers were probably also used to make adjustments to the tuning of their instruments.
    • Also watch for players trying to make "last minute adjustments."
    • Then, I checked the micrometer height adjustment shaft - its bearing surfaces were worn out!
    • Nonetheless, the bank continues to offer a third of its aid - US $5.8 billion in 2001-for structural adjustment.
    • Vdot is reviewing 34 requests for adjustments covering existing contracts on all of the agency's projects.
    • He's continually suggesting adjustments from the cockpit during races.
    • She showed no resistance to making necessary adjustments, including dietary ones, to treat her problem.
    • In many cases, the adjustment moved the faculty member from economic marginality to a living wage.
    • She also questioned the adjustment of market values by reference to Savill's Index.
    • Instead of making adjustments depending on whom we play, we're going to master our system.
    • Make an adjustment to the hit by reducing the amount of right spin.
    • The annual adjustment shall be made only in respect of one-fifth of the tax imposed on the goods.
    • Risk adjustment can contribute to quality improvement by allowing outcomes to be compared fairly.
    • With Thornton on injured reserve, the team will have to make adjustments in its pass rush.
    • Less populated states would likely have been beneficiaries of this somewhat flawed mathematical adjustment.
    • A clear audit trail also is produced, replacing the spreadsheets that underwriters would previously attach to policies to document pricing adjustments.
    • It was therefore decided not to make any adjustment to the original productivity data.
    • This rarely requires dosage adjustment or discontinuation of the drug.
    • Some diesel cars can use the new fuel as a blend with normal diesel with-out making adjustments to their engine.
    • Like a quarterback, linemen have to sense what defense is coming and make adjustments on the fly.
  • 2

    (act, process)
    • 2.1

      (of machine, instrument) ajuste masculine
      (of machine, instrument) puesta a punto feminine
      (of speed, height) ajuste masculine

    • 2.2(of person)

      adaptación feminine
      adjustment to sth/-ing adaptacióna algo/+ inf

      • the period of adjustment
      • Yes, some rich people will benefit from such an adjustment.
      • He said, how many people you have gotten a permanent adjustment.
      • He has made a slight adjustment successfully.
      • A lot of stuff will still go through him, which is a little bit of an adjustment for Patrick.
      • A similar weakness is inherent in psychologies based on adjustment or adaptation.
      • A manova was used to assess the effect of intimacy with parents on adjustment.
      • Dealing with the unexpected requires rapid adjustment to the actual situation.
      • Based on theoretical conceptualizations derived from attachment theory, we would expect to identify mediational effects of perceptions of parents on behavioral adjustment.
      • Very little has been done on postwar adjustment of veterans in the North.
      • Palestinians should, thus, be willing to make these much less painful adjustments.
      • Medical students ' stress also was expected to be associated with poorer marital and emotional adjustment among their spouses.
      • Parenting characterized by acceptance and firm control is associated, for adolescents, with enhanced school performance and general psychosocial adjustment.
      • Adults usually develop adjustment disorders to stressors related to marital discord, finances, or work.
      • She seems to have made an adjustment away from Bill quite nicely through these sessions.
      • It's an adjustment he's still getting to grips with.
      • The characters lives and experiences demonstrate their displacement, spiritual homelessness, and the hardships of adjustment to a new society.
      • Several measures covering problem behavior, sexual experiences, and interests and psychosocial adjustment were also included.
      • Moves often result in the use of new technologies and equipment, calling for adjustments in the ways people access and process information.
      • If a patient is going to show signs of adjustment the facility will be able to make the appropriate decision.
      • A study of the effects of corporal punishment in one Caribbean locale found a modest, direct relationship between physical punishment and psychological adjustment.

  • 3

    (of insurance claim)
    liquidación feminine
    tasación feminine