Translation of adman in Spanish:


publicista, n.

Pronunciation /ˈædˌmæn/ /ˈadman/

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nounplural admen

  • 1

    publicista masculine
    • Mother has opened an office in the US during the new year and four of America's top admen, including a former head of advertising for Nike, have joined the team.
    • For admen in the '70s, subliminal advertising was not a social threat but - worse!
    • Having just the kind of look that the admen love, her management realise that Benedetti may have a future outside her playing: modelling is meant to be one of the items on the agenda.
    • If you doubt it, think of Chelsea, the favourites to win what admen call the Premiership.
    • The admen behind cartoon cow Graham Heffer have been asked to work on a new campaign for the Cream of Manchester, which could see him replaced after just two and a half years.
    • And anyway, says Patrick, most people are better at filtering out what's true from what's not than most admen may like to believe.
    • As the admen say, never confuse the thing being sold for the thing itself.
    • My generation might be a consumer generation in the eyes of the admen, but we are also a generation that is more or less broke.
    • As the legendary adman James Webb Young said: ‘What we are has a way of shining through, whatever we say or do.’
    • People didn't need an adman to tell them what they needed.
    • She was brought up in Michigan where her grandfather was an adman for General Motors and her father's sideline was boxing promotion.
    • ‘Good morning, gentlemen,’ he said, striding towards the table and offering his hand to the admen.
    • After all, the single goal of advertising is to stimulate demand by each and every means, and the ingenuity of admen knows no bounds.
    • Jack Trout, coauthor of the book Positioning and Marketing Warfare, dedicates his latest work, Differentiate or Die, to the legendary adman Rosser Reeves.
    • A bon vivant who piloted his own plane and hosted the Dutch royal family aboard his yacht, Something Cool, Freddy had an adman's pizzazz.
    • My Dad, an adman in the sixties, was a terrific fan of game shows (although I'm sure he never watched one).
    • Later, through sheer coincidence, the adman falls for the victim's widow.
    • Owen plays Charles Schine, an unhappy adman whose sleek boss has just removed him from his most lucrative account.
    • ‘Products are made in the factory,’ one adman says, ‘but brands are made in the mind.’