Translation of administrator in Spanish:


administrador, n.

Pronunciation /ədˈmɪnəˌstreɪdər/ /ədˈmɪnɪstreɪtə/

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  • 1

    (of country, institution, business)
    administrador masculine
    administradora feminine
    • She noted that institution administrators are responsible for ensuring evacuation and other safety measures.
    • However, the administrator responsible for filing the incident sheets was on extended sick leave.
    • I know there must be some reason why the policemen nearby, the market administrator or whomever responsible for this street never stop them.
    • Yesterday she spoke with Health Minister Damian Greaves who directed her to the hospital administrator.
    • Meanwhile, city administrators will carry out a further survey in order to create a master plan for the artificial coral reefs.
    • Responsible administrators should conduct an inquiry into such things and see that necessary reforms are made.
    • It says hospital administrators publicly repeated the same claims.
    • In Plymouth, Derriford Hospital is making 90 administrators redundant to save money.
    • He says that, after a few days, hospital administrators said it was time for him to go.
    • But hospital administrators told them yesterday that the breaches had been a mistake.
    • I lived in the hospital accommodation while I was there, and every morning I would go down to breakfast and the hospital administrator would be there.
    • A female administrator at Queen Mary Hospital was excused by the defense because she was acquainted with some of the witnesses.
    • His wife Tracey, 42, a hospital administrator, speaks to him most mornings by telephone.
    • By day she juggles motherhood with her job as an administrator at Chippenham Hospital.
    • Hospital administrators are looking for more ways to contract out even more treatment functions to private companies.
    • The Sandton business improvement administrators have brought cleanliness and security to the area.
    • In contrast, the previous provincial superior of Community B had been a hospital administrator.
    • Our nurse had phoned the director of the maternity unit and the hospital administrator on call.
    • One of our camp administrators has the responsibility for providing support for our international group.
    • He didn't make stewardship the responsibility of the church administrator or some committee; he just did it.
  • 2

    (of deceased's estate)
    administrador de la sucesión masculine
    administradora de la sucesión feminine
    • Last year his widow sought a High Court order making her administrator of his estate to allow her to collect any cash.
    • Nobody has any statutory power to appoint an executor or administrator of a will, except a testator, sir.
    • If there's no will in place then there's a process for appointing an administrator, and the administrator takes over.
    • An administrator - a licensed insolvency practitioner - is appointed to run the club.
    • Under insolvency law, administrators are not obliged to honour vouchers bought before their appointment.
  • 3

    (in insolvency law)
    administrador masculine
    administradora feminine
    interventor masculine
    interventora feminine