Traducción de admire en Español:


admirar, v.

Pronunciación /ədˈmaɪ(ə)r/ /ədˈmʌɪə/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (courage/skill/work) admirar
    • It is good for men to respect and admire them, without expecting favours or punishments from them.
    • He quite clearly loves Europe, respecting its diversity but admiring its ambitious attempt to unify.
    • He was a good father, grandfather and friend and he was highly respected and admired by many.
    • She was very well respected and admired by most people in this Country, Canada.
    • Instead he's had to content himself with knowing that writers he respects admire his work.
    • He was respected and admired by all the people, yet he still managed to be one of them.
    • He is admired by people with regard to his sporting career, but he also strikes me as a true gentleman!
    • Even then, her silent beauty had received admiring appraisals and envious glances.
    • We have long admired the commitment and courage of Adi Roche and her fantastic team.
    • Presumably as a teacher of law he admires and respects such contracts and declarations.
    • From what I learned from my elders he was very much admired and respected by all who knew him.
    • All she is doing is supporting her belief and she should be respected and admired for that.
    • I admire and respect them both, and they seem nice guys, but boring and bland.
    • The entire nation is proud of them and admires their courage and professionalism.
    • I admired him for his courage and determination to see his aim achieved.
    • The passion for what they were doing was obvious and I admired their courage.
    • Though she admires and respects many skaters from all over the world, Adélia is a big fan of Russian skaters.
    • I want to see entrepreneurs become more admired and respected for their contribution to society.
    • Will may have been the youngest on board the Louisa May, but every crewmember admired and respected him.
    • Here was a film that I admired in some respects, but which did not stir any kind of passion in me, one way or another.
  • 2

    (take pleasure in)
    (scenery) admirar
    I was just admiring your tablecloth me estaba fijando en lo bonito que es el mantel
    • my dress was much admired mi vestido tuvo mucho éxito
    • The airborne action is less fluid than the rest, but at least you get to admire the impressive scenery.
    • It was hot when I woke but not so much that I couldn't enjoy a brief stroll around the garden, admiring the flowers in the sunshine.
    • They are now looking forward to watching the garden blossom and admiring the fruits of their hard work.
    • How wonderful to sit eating sausage rolls in the sunshine and admiring the garden.
    • The Soules are hoping Lydia comes to admire the garden for herself this weekend.
    • Afterwards, enjoy wandering around the gardens and admiring the waterfall.
    • She walked along the garden edges admiring the flowers that only opened to moon light.
    • He looked around, admiring the garden that was in bloom a couple feet away from him.
    • He would turn from side to side, admiring his prize package from the reflection in the mirror.
    • Penelope, 30, also admitted she is so impressed with her new muscles she can't stop admiring them.
    • We talked to one of the gardeners and admired the fruit, vegetables and, of course, the flowers.
    • One of the innovations Logan has imported from the European cities he admires is the roof garden.
    • The remarkable thing is that, for all its many faults, the garden is much admired.
    • How can people stop to admire our beautiful Lake District and then spoil it by leaving their litter?
    • The women gather near a row of flowerpots which has been set in front of one of the garden structures, discussing and admiring the blooms.
    • Soon the Ngaere Gardens were being admired by visitors who came from far and wide.
    • They made a fine impression upon all who visited them and were greatly admired.
    • Visitor centre volunteer Eric Cowham admires autumn sycamore leaves at the Arboretum Gardens, Castle Howard.
    • The mask which Jenny Pegg had won second prize with at the craft rally, was much admired.
    • The off-white walls didn't come off as much to admire, but for some reason Josie adored them.