Translation of admit of in Spanish:

admit of

admitir, v.

phrasal verb

  • 1

    (interpretation/explanation) admitir
    it admits of one interpretation only solo admite una interpretación
    • Good and evil are to be defined as absolutes on religious authority, admitting of neither critical judgement nor reduction.
    • Perhaps this wouldn't be so bad should the revisability of logic and mathematics permit their ultimately admitting of a justification that didn't involve experience.
    • In an international environment consisting of sovereign states, admitting of no higher authority, order is sufficiently vulnerable.
    • But upon ramping up the standard to what he finds minimally acceptable, the standard admits of context dependent variation.
    • As formulated, the account would appear to admit of counterexamples.
    • Finally, as a little light relief, there are the questions that admit of only one possible time unit.
    • Such provisions sometimes admit of multiple interpretations, especially when jurists ignore the relevant history and precedents.
    • This young man's perception of his career prospects admitted of no ambiguity - he was conscious of his role in the promotion of the cause of the Empire and his intellectual superiority to the common run.
    • It distributed about 4,000 bread and coal tickets each winter, a number which could be usefully increased if the funds of the society admitted of such extension.
    • That's all well and good, but that a concept admits of many shades of grey doesn't mean there's no black and white.
    • But mainstream Islam admits of succession of saints.
    • Each of these questions admits of several answers, many of them equally ‘valid.’
    • In the ordinary course of events, to hold a wedding ceremony is a purely private matter that admits of no indiscreet remarks from other people.
    • We have post-modernism, which admits of no values which are not relative.
    • It is not easy to translate these abstract generalities into terms that admit of a genuine comparison with our own democratic achievements…
    • But as I say, the situation doesn't admit of half measures.
    • Now it's true that, to liberals, some of these principles admit of exceptions - but surely this is true of conservatives, too.
    • To me, art like peaks does not admit of improvement.
    • All but the most extreme pacifists will admit of a case where it might be immoral or amoral not to use force, if not to defend oneself then to defend others.
    • Moreover, it's not even certain that philosophical problems admit of solutions at all.