Translation of admonish in Spanish:


amonestar, v.

Pronunciation /ədˈmɑnɪʃ/ /ədˈmɒnɪʃ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    to admonish sb for sth/-ing amonestar / reprender a algn por algo/+ inf
    • It is important that you don't chastise or admonish yourself for your feelings.
    • When they reached the Squad's room, they all turned to either glare at or admonish Vi.
    • When Stephen King won the National Book Award he used the opportunity to admonish critics for not reading more John Grisham.
    • He publicly criticised the Government's non-performance, and admonished the police and the judiciary for their inability to produce significant results in the war on crime and corruption.
    • During the city council's final session, council members criticized the current state of the Bali Hai pier and admonished the bureaucracy for their lack of care for the venue.
    • CNN recently showed a chaplain admonishing the people assembled before him: Pray not only for yourself, he told them, but for your enemies as well.
    • Shortly after this incident,… his accusers noticed that he posted a memo on the law school's Web site admonishing them in what seemed to be an act of spite.
    • When there were no more bottles to be thrown, laughter echoed on West 107th Street, along with the sounds of dog owners admonishing their pets to be quiet and get back to sleep.
    • Here's a video clip from MoveOn that shows him admonishing some TV show hosts.
    • The committee's findings - a report admonishing his conduct - nonetheless spared him a lengthy investigation by the ethics panel.
    • Violence is an increasing problem in schools; one victim was headbutted after admonishing a pupil and needed stitches.
    • Try admonishing a cat and it just purrs, looks cute and goes to sleep, confident in the knowledge that it has won your heart, again.
    • In an editorial statement in ‘Asian Voice’ Mr Patel admonishes Mr Livingstone for ignoring non-English language media in the publishing section.
    • He admonished them for stealing and told them it was a great sin to steal apples from his orchard.
    • Now a television pundit, the player was admonished by his team manager, after he had criticised his team-mates.