Translation of adolescence in Spanish:


adolescencia, n.

Pronunciation /ˌædəˈlɛsəns/ /adəˈlɛs(ə)ns/


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    adolescencia feminine
    • Childhood and adolescence are essential periods of your life in which to learn the importance of physical activity.
    • Young people who need ongoing specialist care beyond adolescence must transfer to adult services.
    • Jenny's adolescence and adult life are, from the outside, quite ordinary.
    • Several models or theories have placed adolescence in a period of human development from birth to death.
    • He reports several years of drug and alcohol use through his adolescence and young adult years.
    • Teenage boys and women past adolescence also develop the condition, but this is less common.
    • Acne appears around the onset of puberty and runs a variable course till adolescence is over.
    • The rush of hormones associated with adolescence is why teenagers commonly suffer.
    • This only develops, with brain maturation, during childhood and adolescence.
    • The legendary sensitivity of adolescence is a kind of self-absorption.
    • He learnt to become an observer and a narrator because so much of his childhood and adolescence was spent in bed.
    • So what assumptions have many people here picked up in their childhood and adolescence?
    • The apparent protective effect seemed to be greatest for sun exposure during childhood and early adolescence.
    • It should be kept in mind that these girls were still in the middle of adolescence.
    • Her arrival in the city stimulates a series of memories of childhood and adolescence both in herself and other people.
    • Secondly, do symptoms of depression and anxiety in adolescence predict cannabis use in young adults?
    • The story of his childhood and adolescence is similar to that of many young men who came from the northern part of Sri Lanka.
    • Born in Calcutta, Murray spent most of her childhood and adolescence in India.
    • Puberty is the first phase of adolescence, the time when sexual maturity becomes evident.
    • It's a book a lot of people read at school and strongly associate with their adolescence.