Translation of adolescent in Spanish:


adolescente, n.

Pronunciation /ˌædəˈlɛs(ə)nt/ /adəˈlɛs(ə)nt/


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    adolescente masculine, feminine


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    (boy/girl/crush) adolescente
    (years) de adolescencia
    • To do this they must take into account the characteristics of adolescent behaviour.
    • They speak in an almost matter-of-fact way, recounting the catalogue of bad behaviour that has characterised the adolescent years for Alan.
    • Is it not hard enough to manage these oversized automobiles around the city without the yelling of voices and pushing of adolescent teens?
    • Both young women are experiencing adolescent discontents at the beginning of the ballet.
    • Both parents help feed the young during the long adolescent period.
    • They are attracted to each other because of raging hormones that are present especially during your teenage and adolescent years.
    • In pygmies, this adolescent growth spurt does not occur, hence their characteristic short stature.
    • However the first movie was adolescent nonsense, lacking in both characterisation and narrative.
    • The adolescent and teenage birth rate has fallen by nearly half since 1992.
    • Do tapered jeans, legwarmers, unicorns and green mascara remind you of your adolescent years?
    • Creating a show specifically for teenagers, Irvine and Mcleary decided to capitalise on the adolescent obsession with the gothic.
    • Teenagers should be told explicitly about the pitfalls of adolescent sex.
    • The nubile young lead, Adela, is played with convincing adolescent frustration by Isabel Claffey in her Abbey debut.
    • Almost right away, as the adolescent pair sat down, a tall and skinny teenage waitress was there to take their order.
    • Indeed, the early autonomy for the young child of divorce may preclude adolescent individuation.
    • The young malamute can pass through an adolescent stage where it attempts to assert itself by growling.
    • You can feel that special, adolescent magnetism that comes from two alienated teenagers.
    • Aside from the teenage pregnancy strategy, few public health initiatives focus on adolescent health.
    • Soon, he could hear adolescent voices: most likely two younger guys and two girls.
    • Consequently, it is easy to forget the adolescent emotional turmoil that embroils the youngest ones.
    • Pregnancy and child bearing occur before adolescent girls are fully developed, exposing them to great health risks.
    • Dietary supplement use is a well-documented practice among adult and adolescent athletes.
    • Screening to detect problem drinking is recommended in all adult and adolescent patients.
    • Healthy development for early adolescent girls is defined by these tasks.
    • Theories about the emotional and moral development of adolescent girls are then presented.
    • In more recent work, Gilligan focuses on the moral development of adolescent girls.
    • For example, the author suggests that an adolescent girl's self esteem is an internal biological process.
    • This is a fun book for adults, and a perfect one for adolescent girls.
    • Fully developed adolescent boys tend to be stronger and larger than adolescent girls.
    • The people who are at risk for inadequate iron would be young infants, adolescent girls, and women of childbearing age.
    • It seemed logical to develop a companion model of adolescent boys' sexual health.
    • I learned how to negotiate fights between adolescent girls without making it seem like parental interference.
    • He knew of an adolescent girl who had been brought on three weekends to the hospital in Tullamore by gardaí who had found her wandering aimlessly.
    • Last year an American study found that 97 per cent of adolescent girls believe that women should be paid equally.
    • Thanks to the flashbulbs of photographers and the screaming of adolescent girls, the atmosphere was more like a pop concert than a sporting event.
    • Many people worldwide, usually adolescent boys, have had their lives completely taken over by computer games.
    • My daughter lives in Maine, and she runs a wilderness program for adolescent girls in trouble.
    • Mounting their own protest of sorts, wealthy adolescent girls will insist on buying their clothes secondhand.
    • And it is a traditional coming-of-age story, the struggle of an adolescent girl to find her voice.
    • O'Connell has created a tale that appeals to many adolescent girls.
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    de adolescente