Translation of Adonis in Spanish:


Adonis, n.

Pronunciation /əˈdɑnəs/ /əˈdəʊnɪs/


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    he's no Adonis no es un / ningún Adonis
    • Seeing himself as an Adonis and a gift to women and lacking any respect for the gender was his undoing.
    • The lad was an Adonis, and with rakish good looks and a devilmay-care smile, he seemed to hold the world by a string.
    • He looked like an Adonis with the late morning sun showering him in a ray of light.
    • An Adonis, his physique was imposing and he carried himself with the bearing of a champion.
    • I look round, expecting to see some six foot Adonis with a winning smile and an easy charm.