Translation of adore in Spanish:


Pronunciation /əˈdɔ(ə)r/ /əˈdɔː/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (like, enjoy)
    I adore figs me encantan / me enloquecen los higos
    • he adores being flattered le encanta que lo adulen
    • I adored her last film su última película me pareció sensacional / me encantó
  • 2

    (wife/son) adorar
    they adore each other se adoran
    • He loved people, adored our friends and was the life of any party we had at home.
    • While the people who saw him when he was first born adored him, their love for him has become so much greater now that he's developed his own personality.
    • I loved her, adored her and what she represented.
    • Mam loved people, adored God and family and always wanted the other person, whether family or friend to have half of whatever she had.
    • She was very close to Lillie and spoke of her aunt warmly as a patient and loving person who adored her and her brothers.
    • In this way Father Frost became a dearly loved and adored character among Bulgarian children.
    • ‘They want something to love and babies adore you,’ she said.
    • We love and adore Elizabeth, and she's doing very well right now.
    • In the US, there's a lot of people who love and adore her, but equally there are probably those that don't like her.
    • Not that she minded very much; Kimmy was her daughter too and she loved and adored her.
    • My mother adored me, and of course my father loved me as well.
    • Sully could see that the soul and heart and person behind those eyes loved him, adored him…
    • He has no enemies, everyone loves him, adores him.
    • He adores you, loves you more than anyone, anything.
    • He loves and adores you and you love him in return.
    • Jeremy adores him and Brian loves spending time with him.
    • George adores Tom and is deeply saddened and angered when his father sells him.
    • Act one centers on six year old Zac, a quiet, loving boy who adores his parents and fights with his brothers.
    • I asked her if you loved - adored me, but she could not say.
    • It seemed that at Queensmead he was adored and loved where ever he went, and by many different year groups, not just our own.
  • 3adoring present participle

    (gaze) lleno de adoración
    (parents) amantísimo
  • 4

    (God/deity) adorar
    • In worship we adore the Triune God of creation and redemption and He gives Himself in the fullness of grace to His people.
    • Worship and adore the Guru, the Perfect True Guru, and all your sinful residues shall be dispelled.
    • The prize was some small comprehension of the worship of a people, unique because the God it adored and glorified was unique.
    • Go to Christ's cross, and trust in him; then, and not till then, will you be capable of adoring the most High God in a style in which he can accept your worship.
    • For your resurrection that sets us free, I worship and adore you.
    • Being omnipresent, you are constantly watched by those who adore you, worship you and serve you.
    • Most Hindus revere and adore the many manifestations of the Divine as Siva, Vishnu, Rama, Krishna or Durga even as they focus on an ishta devata, a favorite Deity.
    • So many Christian visions of heaven, in art and literature, portray angels and saints doing nothing but adoring and praising God's name.
    • Apart from the Vaishnavas' Vishnu, Shaivites Shiva and Shakta's Devi there are three more godheads that are adored.
    • If it is to fasten attention on God and to adore and praise Him and have communion with Him, it is obvious the worship must be God-centered.
    • We do better to adore the mysteries of Deity than to investigate them.
    • It's still not idolatry, of course, because the Eucharist is Jesus Christ and he deserves to be worshiped and adored.
    • Now, having inspired the entire neighborhood to renovate Her shrine, Mariamman has settled into a peaceful and much adored life.
    • Along with the Vedas, Upanishads, and the Brahma Sutras, the Gita is adored as the most important scripture of ancient India.
    • The Word for me is a living Word, it is adored as the key to the journey of spirituality, the experience of being alive in Christ is coming through a testimony of the Word.
    • In the beginning of that book he has offered his obeisances to his different gurus, and it is to be noted that he has adored them all equally.
    • For me, it's the chance to worship Mary and adore her as the Creator of Almighty God that is so appealing.
    • This is why many of us when we come to India, have difficulty with the way Hindus adore Gods in the forms of statues.
    • ‘Spirit’ refers to the motive and driving energy which inspires and compels people to adore deity.