Translation of adornment in Spanish:


adorno, n.

Pronunciation /əˈdɔrnmənt/ /əˈdɔːnm(ə)nt/

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  • 1

    adorno masculine
    embellecimiento masculine
    by way of adornment como adorno
    • without adornment sin adornos / embellecimientos
    • Stages of entry into the cult may be marked by transformations of the body or its adornment.
    • Nor was the adornment of the person altogether overlooked.
    • The impulse for personal adornment is hard to stamp out.
    • People who need the adornments of authority to testify to their importance are soon forgotten.
    • Those women who have to go out to earn for their families cannot afford adornment.
    • There are useful and ornamental goods suited for any kind of presentation, or for personal adornment, or household use.
    • There is evidence that the descendants of Native Americans in prehistoric times used beads as adornment in jewelry as well as a way to trade.
    • This was considered very sensuous at the time, as filth and animal feces were considered adornments, like sexy lingerie is to modern women.
    • They wear ornaments of human bone, which remind us of death, impermanence and renunciation, and as adornment, they wear ashes from cremation grounds.
    • The completed building is a towering rectangular block with almost no decoration, an austere statement and bold break away from the traditional methods of architectural adornment.
    • A golden age Gold jewellery is the predominant commercial outlet for gold sales and personal adornment using gold has been a feature of most societies since ancient times.
    • The arts, including song, dance, music, sculpture, and bodily adornment, are essential elements of Kongo "therapeutic" practices, not merely adjuncts.
    • Of course, some flowers are used for personal adornment, both the blossoms themselves and their essences in the form of perfumes.
    • On paper, the Arc seemed like a reasonable adornment for public space in the bureaucratic eyes that authorized its creation.
    • Throughout history, Africans have imported glass beads and used them for adornment and elaborate beadwork.
    • Many African peoples use beads as distinctive elements of personal clothing and adornment.
    • They were first made in Egypt as early as 4000 BC and were essential adornments for both the living and the dead.
    • From the late 15 th century etching came into widespread use as a means of adornment, mainly on pieces of armour.
    • Like all human societies, adornment was a marker of status, and in European societies, adornment often meant adornment of clothing.
    • Laboriously, he strung them on a thread and hung them round his neck by way of adornment.
  • 2

    (thing which adorns)
    adorno masculine
    • Around her throat a simple gold chain was her only adornment.
    • I shall wager she has already observed my abandonment of an adornment generally considered requisite.
    • Some of the fans claim to have had their cars keyed or received verbal abuse for having Steeler adornments on their vehicles.
    • Except the tattooing both sexes are remarkable for their almost entire absence of any marked adornment or ornament of person.
    • Earrings have always been included in the category of body adornment.
    • Necklaces are worn now for a variety of reasons not the least of which personal adornment.
    • Presenters approached the theme from several distinct positions, creating multilayered biographies of African body adornments.
    • Her house truck with its zany adornments can be quickly converted to fit in with our image of a gypsy fortune teller's tent.
    • He holds up a mask of an African-American with no adornments at all on it.
    • These are the many jewellery makers who turn gold into beautifully crafted adornments.
    • Have students create a contemporary commemorative sculpture with the accoutrements and adornments appropriate for today.
    • We find a similar adornment in Israel where a crimson thread was bound around the horns of the goat, the least valuable of the domestic animals.
    • This may explain why our painter is careful to show Athena as about to bedeck Pandora with a characteristically feminine adornment, a fancy necklace.
    • As the torch was applied to the base of the pyre, men in the surrounding crowd cast their adornments into the flames.
    • Cloth and feather adornments were painted bright red (with small touches of yellow) to bracket the people's nakedness, and to expose their bodies more fully.
    • They produce quantities of small adornments of hammered sheet gold, including spiral ear and twisted nose ornaments.
    • Neck adornments have been worn since ancient times to signify title or wealth or even just to sop up sweat.
    • The father immediately took off his necklaces, his soft fine garments and his other adornments and put on clothes that were ragged and soiled.
    • The adornments are severe and simple, but beautifully moulded and always in exquisite taste.
    • His less visible piercing, called a hasada, is also a visual adornment.