Translation of adroit in Spanish:


hábil, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈdrɔɪt/


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    (answer/move/speaker) hábil
    to be adroit at -ing ser hábil para + inf
    • Even the most clever, adroit, and skillful legislature cannot achieve zero risk in human affairs.
    • My hands are bigger, and more adroit, with nimble fingers that can tie shoes, unwrap candies, and get the sand out from between my toes before we leave the beach.
    • The adroit and intelligent use of other men's work, says Prodwit, ‘leads to public applause and adequate remuneration.’
    • With an adroit and intelligent adaptation, Ruiz has forced us to reflect on how we make our own lives into stories, and how we tell them to ourselves.
    • So in the end they could only scrape through 1-0 with a goal by the ever inventive and adroit Dutchman, Dennis Bergkamp.
    • You mentioned in your presentation that particularly younger people who are both adroit and adept at the new technology, thrive in that environment.
    • We were surrounded by gifted cricketers and adroit hockey players, and he owned none of their stylish skills, but you knew this, he would try.
    • Her poetry displays an adroit mastery of simple language and an eye for the fine threads woven into ordinary lives.
    • Akin to an artist to his canvas, he plays with an adroit cunning that is matchless to his peers.
    • I think a larger point maybe to be made is we're looking at a guy who is an inveterate maybe even shameless but wonderfully adroit scene stealer.
    • In the end, then, Shaw's greatest skill turned out to be not in adroit plot construction, but in creating good roles for actors.
    • He was a self-taught musician and the beauty of his compositions lies in the adroit mix of folk, Indian classical and western classical music.
    • Shakespeare, socially adroit and professionally gifted, would have been well placed to make his big career move into the Chamberlain's Men.
    • Again the Chilingirian chose a very fast tempo, which required the first violin especially to be extremely adroit.
    • He hoped the venture would help generate tourism as the society planned to invite groups adroit in the ancient art of change-bell ringing to the Barbon church.
    • He's no naif, living in a fantasy world, but an adroit political player, using an image of weirdness to protect him.
    • Although the attack was adroit - and enjoyable to read - its arguments are not convincing.
    • The series was also notable for the wonderfully adroit way it visually mixed the father's past and present, and segued from one to the other.
    • But his other themes and scenes of domestic crises are present and familiar, played out here with adroit skill and humour
    • This is an adroit sidestepping of the issue, but a sidestep all the same.
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    (fingers/movement) ágil
    (player) diestro