Translation of adulation in Spanish:


adulación, n.

Pronunciation /ˌædʒəˈleɪʃ(ə)n/ /adjʊˈleɪʃ(ə)n/


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    adulación feminine
    • I get a lot of appreciation and adulation for the kind of music I create.
    • Years of unimaginable success, glory and adulation were to follow.
    • There will be no trophy or congratulation, no hyperventilation or applause or adulation.
    • Though she was happy with the love and adulation that came with fame, she hated waking up early in the morning.
    • Just which job is it that pays a fortune and showers its practitioners with honours and adulation to a great age?
    • Collins took off on his lap of honour, deserving adulation for his run of 9.98 secs.
    • I have seen her tame a noisy rock audience into a state of appreciative adulation.
    • Musically this piece exists to excite gasps of admiration, if not downright adulation from the audience.
    • From being unsure about himself to coping with adulation, Sproule has raced forward in these last few weeks.
    • That is the only small price he has to pay for his unmatched adulation and unparalleled adoration from his countryman.
    • He was not the sort of prince who adored flattery and adulation, public appearances and such.
    • Yet if the Welsh recover from their shaky start, it will be another manager who will be receiving the glory and adulation of a nation.
    • Endless tributes, adulation and back rubs from his closest allies tend to obscure the truth.
    • The adulation nonetheless continued as the election drew closer.
    • I mean on the one hand I'm sure he loves the glory, and he has to have this public adulation.
    • In a fit of adulation I tell Sir John how much I enjoyed his work.
    • Is it just me or does anyone else find the spontaneous adulation and standing ovation before he's begun slightly embarrassing?
    • Neither, although his comics have brought him a certain degree of wide-eyed adulation, is he any kind of superhero.
    • The complaint is against his ideology - a concern that last week's adulation and denigration chose to ignore.
    • His skills have brought him adulation and riches beyond belief.