Translation of adulterous in Spanish:


adúltero, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈdəlt(ə)rəs/ /əˈdʌlt(ə)rəs/


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    • It turns out that Hermanus is an adulterous hotbed of extramarital affairs.
    • And for a man who for so long struggled to find fulfilment in love - even in an adulterous affair - the loss of the illusion might be hard to bear.
    • He was the result of an adulterous wartime affair.
    • Well, I mean, it's very rare you see the defense bringing in adulterous affairs on the part of their client!
    • Kerry Fox and Mark Rylance star as a couple whose wordless, adulterous affair descends into paranoia and self-destruction.
    • The opera deals with a Protestant minister who publicly forgives his wife after discovering she has had an adulterous affair in his absence.
    • In his short fiction Man-Eating Cats, he describes an adulterous affair not in terms of mere love but as total and complete empathy.
    • And at the heart of the book lies one of the most marvellous depictions of an adulterous affair in fiction.
    • It was still an adulterous affair, but the time-travel device distanced the audience from the fact.
    • Given the nature of the protagonists, it was hard to believe the tales of a torrid, adulterous affair were true.
    • They reasoned that after an adulterous three-year affair he was simply trying to do the right thing.
    • Assume this to be a joke, an illness or a cover for an adulterous affair.
    • Its realistic portrayal of an adulterous affair was also very daring for the time.
    • From two monologues we hear many voices describing the lovers' adulterous affair and their plan to kill Kesa's husband.
    • Their adulterous love affair was discovered by the woman's husband.
    • Perhaps he feared that John might have forced him to give up his adulterous affair with his brother's wife Herodias?
    • One of the factors that intensifies the excitement and tension of an adulterous affair is the danger of being caught.
    • The veneer of middle-class respectability is laid bare for the cheating, backstabbing and adulterous world it really is in Leslie Darbon's play.
    • His tie to her will last longer than most adulterous liaisons.
    • An important point under Scots law is that an adulterous spouse cannot raise a divorce action, and it may not be in the best interests of the aggrieved spouse to do so.