Translation of advance in Spanish:


avanzar, v.

Pronunciation /ədˈvæns/ /ədˈvɑːns/

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intransitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(move forward)

      (person/vehicle/troops) avanzar
      to advance on sb avanzar hacia algn

      • old age is fast advancing on me
      • to advance on a city
      • He advanced on Sophia purposefully, then stopped.
      • She stood and advanced on the murderer of her friend.
      • Adam threw the harness he had been mending to the floor, stood up, and advanced on Joe.
      • Nikhil stood and advanced on her; she sat still, wondering what it was he was going to do.
      • Simba advanced on her and she began to scramble towards the door.
      • One of the burly men went up towards the crowd while the rest advanced on Miguel.
      • In the final minute of the match, veteran defender Shuan Dennis saved a certain goal as Darryl Duffy advanced on goal.
      • The supporters appeared to listen briefly, but when the match officials headed towards the exit and the crowd advanced on them, the police stepped in.
      • As we advanced on the village of Guiry a runner came up and told us that the Armistice would be signed at eleven o'clock that day, November 11.
      • Scores of officers were involved in the operation and it is believed the man advanced on officers, ignoring warnings to stop, when he was shot.
      • As the allied troops advanced on Paris in March 1814, Daumesnil stood ready to defend his fortress, his city, and his Emperor.
      • He stood up aggressively from the sofa and advanced on her.
      • The old man stood, and Cale gave ground as the other advanced on him.
      • An attacker advanced on her while she stood unprotected, with nowhere to run.
      • Mazzini had not allowed Garibaldi to press home his advantage against the French, and, early in June, Oudinot, strengthened by reinforcements, again advanced on the city.
      • Kady lost no time in planting herself and the flag in the front of the Rhode Island line where she could shout encouragement to the boys as they advanced on the Rebels.
      • They advanced on her, but stopped dead in their tracks.
      • ‘No,’ Isabelle shook her head as she advanced on the chair's occupant.
      • Jean Delsarte's father was the head of a textile factory in Fourmies but in 1914 the German armies advanced on the town and Jean left his home town with all the family, except his father, and fled to safety.
      • With perfect balance, she advanced on Aslyn in three long strides.

    • 1.2advancing present participle

      a man of advancing years un hombre entrado en años / de edad avanzada

  • 2

    • 2.1(make progress)

      (science/project/society) avanzar
      (science/project/society) progresar
      • But to advance our knowledge such views need to be supported by rigorous analytical reasoning and the dispassionate gathering of cases and data.
      • Discourse is necessary for advancing knowledge.
      • I am a firm believer in sound science, and I believe that the shuttle mission has played a crucial role in advancing our knowledge of the universe we live in.
      • Only several years later did I realize the important role he played in advancing historical knowledge and interpretation.
      • Genetic interventions that accelerate or retard aging in mice are crucial in advancing our knowledge over mammalian aging.
      • It might therefore seem clear, whatever else is the case, that Descartes conceives of knowledge as advancing truth.
      • He inspired a younger generation of scholars to take the same measured approach to the problem of remaining faithful to the Church while advancing new knowledge.
      • We will not examine the forms of the Greek letters themselves, but it is certainly worth stressing how important this form of writing was to be in advancing knowledge.
      • Space exploration and exploitation is a major driving force in advancing the frontiers of knowledge.
      • For many academics the recognition they gain by advancing knowledge in their field is sufficient.
      • These ventures are very important in advancing our knowledge about ourselves and others.
      • But Lawrence's distinction breaks down in the end, for the telling of tales is also a way that the teller advances his own knowledge of the world.
      • The challenges are not insurmountable, and researchers have done good descriptive work that has advanced knowledge to this point.
      • The Defence of Britain project has not only advanced our knowledge, but has also underpinned the conservation of 20th century defensive sites.
      • From the position of academics it has advanced our knowledge; whether it is useful to the Committee is for them to decide.
      • It advanced the knowledge of how to design composite tanks to hold cryogenic fluids.
      • Surely, a division of labor is essential if we are to advance the frontiers of knowledge; we need technical experts focused on specific fields of investigation.
      • Psychiatrists and others trained in dynamic therapy are well positioned to meet this challenge and to advance our knowledge of the treatment of personality disorder.
      • It might contain taxonomic or classificatory work, which is worthwhile but not driven by the desire either to advance knowledge or to develop practical solutions.
      • Hm, so you're saying that people are greedy and will do horrible things to advance their own wealth and power?

    • 2.2(be promoted)

      (worker/soldier) ascender

transitive verb

  • 1

    (move forward)
    (troops/tanks) avanzar
    (troops/tanks) adelantar
  • 2

    • 2.1(further)

      (knowledge/awareness) fomentar
      (knowledge/awareness) potenciar
      (interests/cause) promover

    • 2.2 formal (promote)

      (employee) ascender

    • 2.3(suggest)

      (idea/argument) presentar
      (idea/argument) proponer
      (proposal) presentar
      (opinion) dar
      the solutions advanced by socialists las soluciones que proponen los socialistas
      • Frank has been making the rounds, advancing a theory that I believe is not without merit.
      • When I advanced my long-held theory that some of his constituents were living vicariously through his exploits, Wilson readily agreed.
      • Over the past few years, there has been an upsurge in student violence in T & T. Many have advanced theories as to how this menace can be solved.
      • The theory advanced by her counsel was that she was not morally responsible, but what they had to decide was whether she was legally responsible for the deed.
      • Thomas Frank has advanced this theory in a book entitled What's the Matter with Kansas?
      • I have consistently advanced the theory that there are five basic reasons for which parliaments exist.
      • When he called for the establishment of Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah advanced the two-nation theory.
      • Allow me, therefore, to advance a theory based upon sound research and to propose recommendations sure to bring about a substantial reduction in these criminal acts.
      • You might advance theories about lucky timing or mysterious audience chemistry, but Barnett modestly credits a more practical factor.
      • In Hinduism many sects advanced their theories about the nature of Reality.
      • Canadian geophysicist J. Tuzo Wilson was also pivotal in advancing the plate-tectonics theory.
      • Subversive books, including those advancing the theories of Newton and Copernicus, were removed from the university's library.
      • But lack of concrete evidence will not stop would-be decipherers from advancing theories and interpretations.
      • He was a U.S. version of Gandhi, advancing the theory of pacifist resistance through his words and deeds.
      • However, contemporary coherence theorists respond that they are advancing a theory of justification, not truth.
      • On behalf of Maria Stanciu, her counsel advances two theories in support of the claim for legal and equitable title.
      • Sammy doesn't discount that contention, but he advances another theory.
      • The theory was advanced in the 1980s by Alan Harvey Guth and was elaborated upon by Paul Steinhardt, Andrei Linde, and Andreas Albrecht.
      • What if Einstein had not advanced his theories?
      • It discusses the theory advanced by John Rawls that authority is legitimate if and only if it acts in accord with principles the subjects agree to.

  • 3

    • 3.1(bring forward in time)

      (date/meeting/clock) adelantar
      • But the Election Commission disturbed this apple-cart when it advanced the elections, thus ruining their plan.
      • The election is not due in the State until 2003, but political analysts say the BJP is keen to capitalise on its current lead in the polls by advancing the date.
      • The question is what is the need for advancing the date of elections by a few months.
      • Meanwhile, Arthur wants to advance the wedding date, as his father is getting better.
      • It would be nice if the government could even advance the scheduled date, just to make its enemies squirm.
      • As the performance advances into the nineteenth century, the paradoxes and ambiguities concerning the nature of absolute music pile up, to considerable dramatic effect.
      • In a similar vein, Nora recommends that community colleges advance into the twenty-first century prepared for a diverse student body.
      • The biotech century is advancing upon us, moment by moment.
      • As the twentieth century advanced, however, other forms of entertainment rapidly took over, and the readership of magazines declined.
      • Both British and Irish parliaments became more relaxed about placing their proceedings in the public domain as the century advanced.
      • The 20th century advanced, but his compositions remained steeped in the romantic era.
      • I'm ready to advance into the twenty-first century.
      • In other words, Marx and Paine and the rest should have advanced progressively into the future.
      • However, the type of cataract that occurs with advancing age is generally progressive.
      • As time advances, technology progresses with it

    • 3.2

      (money/wages) anticipar
      (money/wages) adelantar
      to advance sb sth anticiparle / adelantarle algo a algn
      • The reconciliation is needed to make sure the money advanced has been properly spent.
      • Giselle could hear Elaine pleading with her father to advance her allowance one month so that she could purchase some outfits.
      • At the company's office, I was shown a spreadsheet for a hypothetical client who had been advanced $8,500 in cash over six months.
      • All of the money advanced by the record company to the act has to be paid back by the act from it's small percentage of the CD returns.
      • Record companies advance money for recording costs and provide limited marketing services for the music that artists conceive and create.
      • Then, not long ago, Elektra balked at advancing money for Ween to record a new album.


  • 1

    (forward movement)
    (of person, army, vehicle) avance masculine
    (of time) paso masculine
    with the advance of old age con el paso de los años
    • The advance of the Red Army into eastern Europe produced a different outcome there.
    • This was a unique terrain for warfare, where rapid advances and swift movements of armies were extremely difficult.
    • Strategy and tactics were based on easily coordinated and controlled movements - advances, encirclements, or envelopments.
    • The mortar can also be mounted in a vehicle, firing through the roof hatch, to keep pace with a mechanised advance.
    • Haig has been criticised by some for his belief in the simple advance of infantry troops on enemy lines.
    • He said the squadron trained in the usual cavalry tasks such as advances, convoy escort, route reconnaissance, clearance ops and VCPs.
    • The Chin army began a systematic advance at the same moment that their retreating chariots wheeled and fell on the Tzu-hsi's exposed flanks.
    • The sensors provide early warning of the advance of enemy troops and vehicles.
    • And since the arrival of the British troops the number of UN peace keepers in Sierra Leone has doubled to 11,000, and the rebel advance has been turned into retreat.
    • After weeks of dreadful anticipation, a rebel militia advances against government forces.
    • For the first time during the Great Patriotic War, it was decided to use mobile obstacle construction detachments to support the advance of tank corps.
    • The lines of advance for combined units and units should be selected with the idea to first of all capture the objectives on which the stability of defense hinges.
    • Everyone knew tomorrow's mission involved an armored advance against possible heavy enemy defenses.
    • The lack of organic or attached infantry makes it difficult for a troop to hold ground or defend against an enemy advance.
    • The Germans had decided to make Warsaw a fortress city which would be defended at all costs in an effort to stem the advance of the Red Army.
    • After the position was organized, he led an assault approximately 15 yards from the final objective, when enemy fire halted the advance.
    • The telltale clink of tracks heralds the advance of a brigade combat team.
    • Security elements must check out all suspected ambush areas prior to the advance of the main element.
    • Emirs and sheiks along the Mongols' line of advance came and did homage.
    • With Moltke's approval, he therefore deflected his line of advance to the south-east of Paris.
  • 2

    (of civilization, science, knowledge)
    avance masculine
    progreso masculine
    adelanto masculine
    a great advance in technology un gran avance tecnológico
    • a huge advance on previous techniques un gran avance con respecto a las técnicas anteriores
    • any advance on (that offer of) $100? ¿alguien da / ofrece más de 100 dólares?
    • However, huge advances in the development of anti-depressants coupled with greater understanding of the cause of depression are a cause for optimism, he said.
    • It has a special significance, too, for my brother and I who basically marked our childhood development by advances in video game technology.
    • We can look forward to further developments and advances in the future.
    • In the developed world, advances in technology and construction mean that natural phenomena rarely wreak havoc, except when there are especially bad floods, hurricanes, or quakes.
    • Our aim is to ensure that these services are readily accessible through use of the latest developments and advances in technology.
    • "It may not be 100 per cent proof, but advances in technology have improved its accuracy.
    • A general comment is that this decade, we have had major advances in understanding the immune system and major advances in developing medication.
    • Recent advances in developmental biology clearly validate the expectation that we will be able to answer such questions in the near future.
    • The latest developments are propelled by advances in laser technology.
    • There have been striking advances in plant developmental biology in recent times, and some unique and important features have emerged.
    • Drug delivery systems are needed to exploit many of the drugs developed from advances in molecular biology.
    • The development has implications for advances in lithographic techniques.
    • First, there were the relatively recent advances in the development of wildlife management as a scientific discipline in its own right.
    • But only recent advances in scientific dating techniques, the latest using accelerator mass spectrometry, have enabled their true antiquity to be revealed.
    • Due to scientific advances in DNA, there is now the opportunity to minimise the detainment of an innocent person.
    • It failed to react quickly to international developments and advances in relevant fields.
    • It concluded, ‘Put simply, clinical research has not kept pace with the advances in basic scientific discovery and this disadvantages patients.’
    • The options to start a family have been improved through recent advances in technology.
    • Scientific advances in diagnostic tools make it possible for experts to identify new diseases more quickly than anyone could have done in the past.
    • That scientific breakthrough enabled advances in tuberculosis diagnosis and treatment which have now saved millions of lives.
  • 3advances plural

    insinuaciones feminine
    to make advances to sb hacerle insinuaciones a algn
    • They may also have the expectation that alcohol makes it easier to make sexual advances, and thus they may use alcohol intentionally for achieving such a purpose.
    • Therefore, rejections of sexual advances may be seen as inappropriate and may be ignored.
    • When two men pulled up in a station wagon, the girls rebuffed their sexual advances.
    • At times, workers are exposed to sexual comments or advances on the part of a client or family member.
    • The man told a Los Angeles jury that he never made advances to the woman, 36, who once ran his West Coast office.
    • She has also claimed to gardaí that during her time at the school, the teacher made advances to one of her friends, who managed to get away.
    • But during his trial, he claimed after he picked up the young woman she made advances to him.
    • When she became 16, she declared her detestation of him and said that he had again made advances to her.
    • Being such an immature age, he also succumbed to the advances of other women while he was away, which ended the marriage after just two years.
    • The California Fair Employment and Housing Act defines unwelcome sexual advances of an employer toward an employee of the same sex as unlawful sexual harassment.
    • We also had retraining, if that's the word, in sexual and social behaviours because many of these people appeared, at least to us, to be deficient in making sexual advances to women.
    • Meanwhile, an alarming new survey by the University of Huddersfield has shown that more than one in five children have been the victim of unwanted sexual advances outside their home.
    • According to the report, at least eight patients alleged he made sexual advances towards them over two decades from 1969.
    • The pair have bonded as friends, after he snubbed her amorous advances.
    • Dr Langton said it was against medical ethical principles for a doctor to make sexual advances towards a patient.
    • Later, however, there's a brief, uncomfortable scene where Liza goes on a date with Harvey and he rejects her sexual advances.
    • Although only 20 years old, Hope has already started making amorous advances to Cathay.
    • Some of the men reportedly made indecent advances to women Navy officers staying at the same hotel.
    • Gawain is visited by the lord's wife again; they exchange courtly words again all morning, Gawain parries her ever more forward advances.
    • I chuckled, that was just the kind of answer Caitlyn would give me each time I tried to make an advance on her.
  • 4

    • 4.1(early payment)

      anticipo masculine
      adelanto masculine
      advance on sth
      • they gave me an advance of £100 on my salary

    • 4.2(loan)

      préstamo masculine
      • In the case of most loans to consumers, and for smaller commercial loans, the advance is usually credited forthwith to the borrower's current account and stands at his disposal at any time.
      • The bank's loan and advances portfolio registered 42 per cent growth, reaching the level of K79.55 billion.
      • Day after day, my wife and I receive unsolicited offers for credit cards, home equity loans and cash advances.
      • Total assets increased by $5.2 billion or 16 per cent due principally to strong growth in loans and advances.
      • Against that background, the jury ought to have been directed that, unless satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that the advances were not loans, the appellant was entitled to be acquitted.
      • We will be running a very small deficit, much of which will be used to finance such things as, for example, student loan advances, which are an asset in terms of net debt.
      • With regard to the $62,000 advance, both she and her mother are adamant that the advance was a loan to the couple to enable their purchase of the matrimonial home.
      • All other conditions to the loan advance have been, or will in the ordinary course be met.
      • The financial sector has also borrowed $437 billion of ‘other loans and advances.’
      • Included in Lay's figures is a whopping $81.5 million in loan advances, which were mostly repaid in stock, and which are worth next to nothing today.
      • It was stressed that the decision to close the agency will have no impact on terms and conditions of savings accounts, current accounts, mortgages or advances held by customers.
      • For smaller loans, credit unions may be happy to make advances, but only after you have built up an acceptable level of savings with the organisation.
      • The report only considers further advances on existing mortgages taken out to release equity and secured personal loans.
      • The relationship between those two companies was one of support in terms of loan advances, right throughout the history of that 20 year operation.
      • Because its revenues do not cover all its costs, the utility has had to obtain working capital from short-term bank advances.
      • Disbursal of advances, particularly house and car loans, appears to have become a priority for bankers, who are now willing to reach out to public more aggressively.
      • It was a Motion for the Senate to approve that the Minister for Finance borrow by means of advances, sums not exceeding $25 million from commercial banks.
      • This enables borrowers to get 90% of their mortgage delivered as a cash advance - a major bonus when you need to splash out on land and materials.
      • In practice the conveyance, the creation of the mortgage and the payment over of the mortgage advance will all have to take place on the same day.
      • Whereas a standard home loan depends on your earnings, a buy-to-let advance is based on rental potential.


  • 1

    (ahead of time)
    the advance publicity for a product la promoción previa al lanzamiento de un producto
    • advance booking is essential es imprescindible hacer la reserva por anticipado / con anticipación
    • advance booking office venta anticipada de localidades
    • advance copy ejemplar de anticipo
    • advance notice preaviso
    • they arrived without any advance warning / notice llegaron de improviso / sin previo aviso
    • advance payment pago anticipado / (por) adelantado
  • 2

    (ahead in space)
    an advance party of troops/explorers una avanzada / avanzadilla de tropas/exploradores
    • advance man relaciones públicas
    • advance man / agent agente