Translation of advantageously in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ædv(ə)nˈteɪdʒəsli/ /ædvænˈteɪdʒəsli/ /adv(ə)nˈteɪdʒəsli/


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    to be advantageously situated estar en posición de ventaja
    • he came out of it quite advantageously in the end al final salió beneficiado
    • Here I rely on Chun, who is somewhat more advantageously positioned to participate in this debate, to provide the critique.
    • The present invention is also concerned with a blood components separator unit, which can advantageously be used in practice of the above-mentioned method.
    • Lunar eclipses - like that advantageously interpreted by Christopher Columbus in 1504-may more easily be used because they can be seen over a much wider area.
    • However, the institutional structure of copyright societies has historically led to advantageously structured royalty terms.
    • These sorts of events, intelligently and advantageously staged, can produce celebrities, or increase the fame of celebrities.