Translation of adventure in Spanish:


aventura, n.

Pronunciation /ædˈvɛn(t)ʃər/ /ədˈvɛn(t)ʃər/ /ədˈvɛntʃə/

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  • 1

    (exciting experience) aventura feminine
    (story/film) (before noun) de aventuras
    to have an adventure tener una aventura
    • Does the idea of touring conjure up exciting images of places to see and new foods and adventures to experience in foreign lands?
    • For some children starting kindergarten is an exciting adventure, for others the experience borders on the terrifying.
    • It is also an exciting adventure and a story of a quest that must be fulfilled.
    • In the tale Alice, an innocent enough young girl, steps through her mirror into a magical world where she has a range of exciting adventures.
    • For Charlie, who has suffered heart and lung problems since he was born prematurely, the weekend is set to be packed with exciting adventures.
    • I may post our exciting adventures from the road tomorrow night.
    • She said she is certain he would approve of her daring adventures.
    • Read the exciting adventures of Black Bob, the clever sheepdog, in the wilds of Canada.
    • The trip is an exciting adventure for Alex and mum Karen who is accompanying him, especially as the location for the shoot was originally going to be Nottingham.
    • A holiday in this province can be an exciting adventure.
    • Even for veteran scuba divers such as myself, an excursion on a submarine is an exciting adventure.
    • You may find it one of your most exciting adventures.
    • So grab your day pack, and get ready for some exciting adventures!
    • You'll meet fascinating people and have exciting adventures, but do pay attention, Taurus.
    • Unearthing incredible facts and artifacts for the Museum requires some exciting adventures.
    • As he readied himself to leave, his mind conjured up images of cities, strange new lands and exciting adventures.
    • ‘I feel as though we're embarking upon an exciting adventure,’ she confessed, her eyes sparkling.
    • Starting a business based on a passion is an exciting adventure.
    • Every year brings new adventures, experiences and surprises.
    • It is a new experience, a new adventure, and we have lots of family and friends who will come out to see us.
  • 2

    aventura feminine
    the spirit of adventure el espíritu aventurero / de aventura
    • a life of adventure una vida (llena) de aventuras
    • adventure vacation viaje aventura
    • Men crave adventure, risk, danger and heroic sacrifice.
    • The danger, excitement and adventure of racing yachts on the high seas awaits a North Yorkshire woman, picked to take part in one of the world's toughest yacht races.
    • I am armed with a sense of adventure, and excited for what awaits.
    • What is lacking is suitable play equipment for our children to explore and develop their sense of adventure and excitement.
    • But the people I met find excitement and adventure, an extraordinary sense of freedom.
    • There is something endlessly appealing about this film, a sense of adventure and excitement as seen through the lens of a Hollywood of a more innocent time.
    • What happened to that sense of academic adventure, excitement and curiosity?
    • As for those choosing to trek, this activity will mean thrill, excitement and adventure.
    • Travelling by train has always been associated with romance and adventure, and one of the best ways to see the east coast of the States is by doing just that.
    • There was a flushed look on his face, as if the thrill of danger and adventure was something he dearly missed.
    • I go out looking for adventure and risk, so I can feel alive.
    • You are a roamer and need adventure, excitement, and freedom.
    • A walled and deserted garden provides the idea place for adventure and excitement for the town's children, until its owner returns.
    • There is, of course, some thrill and sense of adventure in this sudden departure to a wholly new country and continent.
    • Rome offers you a wide range of excitement, adventure, and enjoyment.
    • There was so much excitement and adventure in this story that really made me think about my life, in particular what I take for granted.
    • But suppressing their sense of adventure and insulating them from risk is not good for their long-term development.
    • The past year was full of adventure and excitement.
    • She is a woman accustomed to both adventure and danger.
    • This was what I had always dreamed of, true excitement and adventure.