Translation of adventuress in Spanish:


aventurera, n.

Pronunciation /ədˈvɛntʃ(ə)rəs/ /ədˈvɛntʃərɛs/


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    (lover of adventure)
    aventurera feminine
    • Fabre went on to attack women's clubs, claiming, to much applause, that they were composed of ‘adventuresses, wandering female knights, emancipated girls, and amazons'.
    • For the uninitiated, Charley's an Edwardian adventuress who stowed away on an airship, the R101, and was rescued by The Doctor just before it blew up in flames.
    • It's instructive to see her as the aristocratic adventuress in the 18 th-century potboiler The Affair of the Necklace.
    • In 1871 an English adventuress named Lucy Walker became the first woman to summit the mountain.
    • Now you're a space-suited adventuress battling your way toward Earth.
    • When evaluated from this perspective, it's easier to see her less as an adventuress and more as a dichotomy.
    • It was hard to believe Lana had once thought of her as glamorous, even an adventuress.
    • No question, she is indomitable, a chronic adventurer - adventuress, if you wish.
    • The first film was dumb fun - a computer game-inspired take-off on the Indiana Jones series with Angelina Jolie bringing everyone's favorite PC adventuress, Lara Croft, to life.
    • At least Prince Hektor always got what he wanted and the girl of his dreams fawned at his feet, despite her claims of being an independent, man-hating adventuress.
    • This is a quandary that never traps veteran adventuress Dervla Murphy, in a new edition of her epic 1983 trek through the Peruvian Andes with her small daughter and a mule.
    • Fanny, she discovered, was a pioneer woman, a legendary dynamo and singular adventuress.
    • Vogue editor, tastemaker, adventuress, she exploded with style and joie de vivre.
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    aventurera feminine
    vividora feminine