Translation of adversary in Spanish:


adversario, n.

Pronunciation /ˈædvərˌsɛri/ /ˈadvəs(ə)ri/

nounplural adversaries

  • 1

    adversario masculine
    adversaria feminine
    • He was a vigorous adversary to opponents, but he was also a very fair and honest man.
    • I believe he would prove to be a formidable adversary.
    • Once there, he expects to be coming up against an old adversary.
    • Fans were delighted to hear their old adversary, Argentina, had crashed out of the tournament by failing to beat Sweden.
    • Ross is a friend as well as an old adversary, and I feel for him.
    • Liam bumped into his old adversary in London's Camden Town recently and berated him for old time's sake.
    • I'm playing an old adversary on Monday, and we're both making excuses already.
    • Nat, I know, was humbled when he was told the lengths to which his old adversary had gone to honour his name.
    • Now, once more, we faced off like the old adversaries that we were.
    • The trade unions in particular looked with deep suspicion at an administration still headed by their old adversary.
    • Located behind the knee, these tendons are not well exposed to an adversary facing his opponent from the front.
    • Its results depend on the opinion the opponent has of his adversary's capability to win.
    • Military operations almost always involve an intense contest for time between adversaries.
    • That made her much more formidable an adversary because she didn't have the usual narcissistic vanity.
    • You must have thought you had seen the last of your old adversary!
    • The two old adversaries stared at each other across the room.
    • For some, these may prove to be altogether more formidable adversaries.
    • The game with their old adversaries from Germany could prove decisive.
    • They want nothing to do with their old adversaries, or be associated with them in anyway.
    • I will face them and show them I am a formidable adversary.