Translation of adverse in Spanish:


adverso, adj.

Pronunciation /ædˈvərs/ /ˈædˌvərs/ /ˈadvəːs/


  • 1

    (ruling/criticism/consequences) adverso
    (ruling/criticism/consequences) desfavorable
    (wind) en contra
    (wind) adverso
    (effect/result) adverso
    (effect/result) negativo
    adverse weather conditions condiciones climatológicas adversas
    • the agreement is adverse to our interests el acuerdo es contrario a nuestros intereses / nos es adverso
    • Despite the adverse blustery weather conditions, it was clear that Oxford had the edge.
    • The development will not have any adverse effect upon bats or other wildlife living in the area.
    • She said the development would have major adverse impacts on the beauty of the landscape.
    • The child required urgent medical attention but did not develop long term adverse effects.
    • Sources say that clients are leaving in droves because of the continuing adverse publicity.
    • Roadworks on three of the routes in and out of Skipton are having an adverse effect on local businesses.
    • So when lawn edges become overgrown and tatty, it can have an adverse effect on the look of the whole garden.
    • Fortunately, most schools forced to close due to the adverse weather were due to reopen today.
    • The adverse publicity has caused tourists to stay away in droves from the countryside and towns.
    • The adverse publicity generated by the hijacking was the last thing the airline needed.
    • He believed it would have adverse effect on business and trade in the community.
    • I hope his commitment and long hours do not have adverse effects on him or his family.
    • Perhaps they never learned how to drive in adverse conditions in the first place.
    • A hike in interest rates could have an adverse effect on house prices and in terms of consumer wealth.
    • The most common adverse effects reported related to skin irritation and skin burning.
    • Bacteria present in organic matter can have adverse effects on human and animal health.
    • It was bound to attract adverse publicity and bring the profession into disrepute.
    • Of course, there is also the adverse publicity that could dog them for years to come.
    • The trials had been cancelled after the drug was found to cause an adverse reaction.
    • Not only did they put up a good show in adverse circumstances, they entertained the crowd greatly.